In celebration of Arcane, League of Legends releases free avatar creator

To celebrate the next three episodes of Arcane dropping on Saturday, the League of Legends team released a free avatar creator on their website so you can create your own avatar set in the steampunk-inspired world of Runeterra. Riot is promoting the new initiative using #MyLeagueLook on Twitter.


Create your own avatar look here!



The avatar creator is relatively comprehensive, allowing you to choose between four body types, numerous head shapes, nose shapes, eyes, lip shapes, ear shapes, and more. On top of that, you can customize the hairstyling and clothing options, though be warned that the facial hair options are surprisingly limited. When you are done, you will be able to download a Jpeg of your new character to share with others or use as a Discord profile picture.


An avatar created in the new avatar creator


While most of the cosmetic and customization options will be available to anyone who visits the link, a few cosmetics are locked behind a League of Legends account. If you don't have an account, you can make one for free on the League of Legends website.


Arcane has seen a tremendously positive response since the release of the first three episodes earlier this month. The show features multiple characters from League of Legends, including Jinx, Jayce, and Vi, among others. Longtime fans of League of Legends and brand new audiences alike are enjoying the show, which has been praised for its polished aesthetic and gripping storytelling.


If you want to make a different type of avatar you can use Picrew.

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