All Arcane cosmetics revealed in crossover event with Among Us

▲ Name a more ambitious crossover, I'll wait. Images via Riot Games


Details of the previously announced partnership between Riot Games' League of Legends title and InnerSloth's Among Us were revealed on Friday afternoon in an crossover that pairs two of the largest games in the world.


As part of the Riot's RiotX Arcane promotional campaign to drive as many people towards their first ever Netflix series, Arcane, as possible, a line of cosmetics will be arriving to the multiplayer social deducation game were everyone is a little "sus."


Starting today, players can dress up their Among Us characters in a myraid of Arcane-inspired gear which will be available for purchase through the game's store until December 31, 2021. Once purchased, players will have access to those items forever.



The following items will be available for purchase:

- Heimerdinger's Moustache
- Heimerdinger's Suit
- Heimerdinger's Poro
- Enforcer Helmet
- Enforcer Armor
- Caitlyn's Cap
- Caitlyn's Uniform
- Vi's Hair
- Vi's Clothes
- Jinx's Hair
- Jinx's Goggles
- Jinx's Clothes
- Jayce's Hair
- Jayce's Council Suit
- Chomper
- Claggor's Goggles

First released back in 2018, Among Us exploded in popularity during the summer of 2020 as the majority of individuals were stuck inside quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic with little else to do. Once the game started to gain traction on Twitch's streaming platform, millions of individuals began downloading the title on their mobile devices.

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