Sorceress PvP Skill Build up to 60

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*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by METZEN




Level 60 will be a turning point for a PvP Sorceress. You need the following skills for a level 60 PvP Sorceress, which comes out to be about 1700 points: Flow of Darkness, Scattering Shadow, Mark of the Shadow, Signs of Agony, Awakening autos, Cartian’s Nightmare, Blade of Darkness, Flow: Cry of Darkness, Flow: Revived Nightmare, and Flow: Requiem.

If you don’t have enough points, you can hold off on Flow of Darkness and Scattering Shadow. Put a single point each into Mark of the Shadow, Signs of Agony, Awakening autos, and Cartian’s Nightmare (basic skills included).

On the other hand, skills to prioritize are as follows in the descending order of importance.

• Requiem

• Blade of Darkness and Cry of Darkness (given that it gets patched): Each player may choose to go a different route according to his or her rotation and skill dependency.

• Awakening autos

• Mark of the Shadow for debuff: but only if you’re fast enough to cancel the animation to mask the skill effect to look like Shadow Eruption.

• Cartian’s Nightmare and Revived Nightmare: You’ll be essentially committing suicide if you use it in 1v1 situations. It’s best to use in massive battles while waiting for other skills to come off cooldowns and it’s good for conserving stamina. It’s also useful for squeezing every bit of damage out of your Storming Crow (the damage output is quite ridiculous. +19 set Ranger dies in six ticks based on 250 AP and full buffs)

• Signs of Agony(the same priority as CN and RN): Once you throw it out in a 1v1 situation while having full buffs, you can predict the path that the enemy without guard abilities will take. You can follow up on that predicted path with Shadow Leap – Violation cancel combo for easy picks on squishy targets. In massive PvP battles, assassinate targets and immediately disengage. During health, stamina, and buff downtime, throw out Signs of Agony with Dream of Doom to get a 3-second stun or knockdown, allowing your allies to clean up the rest.

Finally, If you’re a more experienced player who can manage buffs, pick up Flow of Darkness to get 15% evasion for 10 seconds and Scattering Shadow to get 6% magic accuracy for 10 seconds.

I’ve said it before, but experience is the most important aspect for being a successful PvP Sorceress.

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