Liam gets world record 1:37 Super Mario 64 speedrun after a year-long disappearance


Liam has proven once again why he is one of the best speedrunners in the scene with a new record in Super Mario 64. 


Liam is a prolific speedrunner who is even the topic of conversation when he isn't anywhere to be found. He actually disappeared for over a year in 2020, leading to rumors of an arrest, or maybe a trip to a private island, and even the possibility that he sold his Nintendo 64. 


But Liam returned. And when he did, he got a new world record in Super Mario 64. Then, this weekend, Liam destroyed that world record by beating the game in 1:37 hours, collecting 120 stars. The insane run was once considered impossible but Liam executed every trick perfectly (although he did miss one throw in the final battle). 



The speedrunning community has continued to praise Liam after the incredible record, calling him a "god," "legend," and "insane." He's being called a "machine." Getting the 1:37 time after only two months of speedrunning after his hiatus made the moment all the more incredible. But it does have fans begging Liam not to leave them once again. 



Liam broke a world record in March 2020 and then disappeared from all social media. He returned again in August 2021, over a year later. If he follows this pattern again, Liam may not be heard from for another year after his mind-blowing Super Mario 64 record. 



But Liam may not leave the speedrunning scene just yet. Liam has already said that he believes he can shave another 30 seconds off of his record. While there was a missed Bowser throw, it's hard for most people to really calculate where most of that time would come from when the run was near-perfect. 


But if anyone can do it, Liam can. 


The question is, will Liam stick around to do it? 

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