Sakurai reveals that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate almost had aerial smash attacks


Did you know that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate could have had air smash attacks? 


Masahiro Sakurai has released his final Famitsu column and it's crammed with a lot of interesting information about the game that Sakurai has been a huge part of for over a decade. Sakurai told fans that it was "not the end" of Smash and admitted that if the series goes on in some way that he would feel obligated to be involved. 


But Sakurai also discussed some of the interesting tidbits behind the creation of Ultimate, a game that Sakurai has been deeply involved with from the start. 


In the column, Sakurai explained that the team originally planned to have more aerial options — like mid-air smash attacks. A smash attack is a strong attack that's usually done by flicking the right stick (although some players switch around the buttons). Smash attacks, which include various directions, can only be performed from the ground. 



But Sakurai said that Ultimate almost changed that. 


"The original plan for Smash Ultimate was adding smash attacks in the air!" Sakurai revealed. "It was too complicated so it didn't get added. I think aerial combat is important. But the options for aerial attacks are quite limited."


In the end, Sakurai decided to forgo adding aerial smash attacks to "keep the balance" between casual and hardcore players. This is because skilled players often use aerial attacks more than casual players. Sakurai added that Sora was created the way he was to "make aerial fighting fun even for casual players." 



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans have been quite astonished to learn about this discussion, knowing that aerial gameplay was almost completely changed. Adding a brand new mechanic to the game (other than tripping) would have been huge, changing the game completely. Imagine how different some characters' playstyles and moves would be. 


While Sakurai has said time and time again that Ultimate is "finished," it's unclear what balances and updates will happen now that the roster is complete. Aerial smash attacks are probably not on the table, but fans are quite sure that it's not the end of Smash. Not even close. 

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