Drinking toilet water and running naked: EDG Worlds 2021 fan celebrations are outlandish


EDward Gaming based in Guangzhou, China, is now the third LPL team in four years to claim the Summoners Cup after winning the biggest League of Legends tournament of the year. Their victory was celebrated all across Weibo and other Chinese social media sites with the most popular # essentially translating to #EDGflagwin.

 An EDG fan making due on a fan promise made online.

Before EDG won Worlds 2021, Chinese fans showed their support (and simultaneously skepticism) by promising increasingly embarrassing or intense dares if EDG were to actually win. The following are Chinese to English translations of some of the most upvoted and shared "If EDG wins" vows:

"If EDG wins, I'll post naked photos"
"If EDG wins, I'll run naked on the street"
"If EDG wins, I'll chug this bottle of alcohol nonstop"
"If EDG wins, I'll cosplay as a maid"
"If EDG wins, I won't eat dinner for 30 days"
"If EDG wins, I'll study for 16 hours"
"if EDG wins, I'll write by hand every comment ID who responds"

 EDG fans celebrating in their own special way.

As fan dares usually go, things started to escalate once EDG actually won. The thrill of victory, especially from Guangzhou fans, was encouraged by internet peers who were quick to remind the community of their EDG promises:

"it's time to make good on the #EDGwinflag promises!"

People began posting photo evidence of completing their EDG promises, much to the concern of less emboldened fans. Fan promises like "I'll hang outside my window if EDG wins" or "I'll eat human feces if EDG wins" began to draw criticism when video evidence of their completion was posted online. 

"I can't believe gamers are actually doing this" one translated Weibo posts reads.  "Please don't hurt yourself for the internet".

As individual gamers became swept up in the joy of their team's victories, stripped-down runners armed with EDG flags took to the streets while entire apartment complexes yelled outside of their windows.  Considering the antics (ie, criminal misdemeanors) a particular type of traditional sports fans revel in after a big win, the dead-of-night EDG celebration isn't too much of a surprise.

The explanation as to why EDG fans were filming themselves drinking toilet water? Chalk this one as another fat W for esports passion.

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