Lost Ark essentials — leveling, PvP, classes and tripod system

As the Lost Ark closed beta continues and gamers flip-flop on their release week class pick for the 5th time, series newcomers and distant MMORPG veterans are beginning to gain access and log in for the first time. Starting a brand new MMORPG can be daunting but, if you are lucky enough to be playing a good game, exploring new mechanics and worlds can be just as enjoyable as endgame content.

Lost Ark is one of those good games. Smilegate obviously understands the genre and its appeal clearly and the game's praise proves that it is possible for Amazon Games to use its powers for good every now and then. 

Here are your need-to-know Lost Ark essentials if you are in the market for a new MMORPG obsession.

Leveling PvE

Unlike other MMORPGs, grinding levels by killing mobs In Lost Ark isn't the most efficient way to level. In fact, veteran players recommend focusing solely on completing quest objectives and reading carefully what the quest wants you to do as you don't get bogged down with unnecessary enemies. There is no need to kill every monster or clear dungeons fully as it is quicker to just go on to the next quest.

▲ The story quest should always be completed for optimal leveling pace.

Level 1 to Level 50 is about 14 hours from an experienced player using an efficient leveling strategy. During the closed beta, you start at level 10 and casual players can level nearly as efficiently by completing the orange story quest to completion.

While you are leveling, use potions freely, and don't be stingy about it.  Players become more aware of saving percentage-based healing restoration potions for raids during the endgame, but early on they are best used to aggressively speed up your ability to finish quests or burn down bosses safely.

At level 37, you leave the first primary island and the story quest turns into a light-blue quest. Keep following this light-blue quest until you reach level 50 and join the endgame. Be sure to also complete the red quest you pick up as you progress throughout the story. They are optional but tend to be quick to complete and give great rewards.

Note:  Every player has the option to skip the prologue and that cuts down around 30 minutes off of the total time it takes to level from

Unlocking PvP

PvP unlocks at level 26 where you can then enter instance arenas, either 1 vs. 1 or 3 vs 3. As well as being the default mode for Lost Ark esports, 3 vs 3 ranked arenas are also valuable ranked rewards are earned.

New players should be wary that PvE and PvP are very different modes and builds effective in one mode are rarely effective in the other. Unprepared PvE builds in PvP are vulnerable to chain CC and players will find it difficult to deal damage to other players.  If PvP success is your Lost Ark goal, content creators have been hard at work since 2019 detailing different builds and strategies for all classes across YouTube and Twitch for you to learn from.

Choosing a class

There are 5 main classes in Lost Ark, Warrior, Mage, Fighter, Gunner and Assassin. Those familiar with RPG's can guess their general strengths just by their names, but things start to spice up when advanced classes are chosen by the player during leveling.

Class choices may ne limited during the closed beta and more options will be available in the future:


Bezerker: Uses a 2h sword with lots of aoe damage.
Destroyer: Uses a 2h hammer with lots of CC and stagger abilities.
Warlord: Uses a Gunlance and defensive tower shield. Likes to push and pull enemies.
Holyknight: Holy paladin type class that can buff party survive the front line.

Arcana: Tarot card-inspired spells that deal loads of damage in a visually stunning way.
Summoner: a summoner class that deals damage by fighting alongside elemental companions.
Bards: Supportive magic buffs and debuffs that harm enemies and help allies. Many unique Bard builds.

Battlemaster: High mobility attacker with combo Aoe damage abilities.
Infighter: Heavy-hitting fist users that ignore heavy defense for big damage.
Soulmaster: Chi based energy attacks that allow offensive from far and close away/
Lancemaster: Groups enemies with a sweeping lance and mobile attacks that are hard to avoid. 

Hawkeye: Master of the bow and allies with supporting hawk to engage in long-range combat
Devilhunter: Dual pistol, shotgun, and sniper user with flashy fighting style. Think Devil May Cry.
Blaster: The heaviest and slowest range class that deals tons of heavy damage.
Scouter: Future tech class that uses support drones and unique attack angles.

Reaper: Tricky class that uses aggers and shadow magic to turn invisible and teleports
Blade: Fast attack speed class with lots of mobility, twin daggers, and a long sword.
Demonic: Unique class that uses twin glaives and demonic blood magic to destroy enemies. A dark magic assassin.

Veteran players advise new players to try out multiple classes and builds, especially if you plan on enjoying both PvE and PvP.  When you level a character fully to level 50, you are awarded a special item called Vern Powerpass. This allows you to instantly level another class to 50, a generous surprise every player should take advantage of!

The Tripod system

In Lost Ark, characters' combat skills and abilities have their own levels. As you slay enemies with this ability, it gains experience and becomes customizable via the Tripod system. At combat ability levels 4, 7 and 10, three different tiers of customization become unlocked.

Rank I options usually change the abilities targeting vector or adjust the number of enemies affected.

Rank II can include different elemental properties to the attack or provide additional debuffs or buffs whenever it is used.

Rank III often includes dramatic changes to the abilities function or impact. 

▲ The Tripod system allows combat abilities to serve multiple roles in either PvE or PvP builds.

Players can choose from one trait from each rank and explore a wide variety of fighting styles per class.  Weapons and Armor also utilize the Tripod system to further empower abilities based on synergistic item bonuses or strategic allotment of stats. MMORPG's thrive on variety and the high number of viable competitive builds adds plenty to Lost Ark's depth.  

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