[Guide] Best loadout for the STG 44 in Call of Duty: Vanguard

The STG 44 has already proven to be one of the best weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard. This assault rifle is versatile, easy to use, and kills very quickly. With a gun that is already this well-rounded, you can only further maximize its usefulness by equipping the right attachments to turn this into an absolute killing machine. We put together a loadout that maximizes the handling, damage, and range of this weapon to make the STG 44 the most useful version of itself.


Here is the best STG44 loadout to run in Call of Duty: Vanguard!


Best attachments to use for the STG 44 in Vanguard

  • F8 Stabilizer
  • VDD 760mm 05B Barrel
  • VDD 27 Precision Stock 
  • M1941 Handstop
  • .30 Russian Short 20 round magazines

  • Lengthened Ammo
  • Stippled Grip
  • Vital
  • Fully Loaded

F8 Stabilizer

This is the last muzzle option unlocked on this gun. The F8 adds both increased accuracy and damage range to your gun, adding to its ability to take those longer-range fights and consistently win. You could also consider running the MX Silencer instead if you want to be stealthier on the map.


VDD 760mm 05B Barrel

This barrel adds even more accuracy and damage at range. With this and the F8 equipped, the STG is a verifiable beast at range. Keep in mind, this barrel is going to take away some of your movement speed, but it is well worth it to be more effective in your gunfights.


VDD 27 Precision Stock

This stock is going to also reduce your movement speed, but in exchange, you are going to see a huge reduction in horizontal recoil. With this equipped, the STG is nothing short of a laser, since the biggest downside of the base version of this gun is its significant side-to-side recoil, which is much harder to control than vertical recoil.


M1941 Handstop

This underbarrel attachment will also go a long way toward reducing your vertical and horizontal recoil, in exchange for taking a hit to your hipfire. But if we are being honest, the hipfire on this gun is not good, to begin with, so it's well worth the trade.


.30 Russian Short 20 round magazines

These mags increase the damage and damage range of this gun. While it will decrease your mag size,  this enables this setup to pull a 2-hit kill when combined with the barrel and Vital proficiency. 


Lengthened Ammo

Lengthened Ammo might be my favorite type of ammo in the whole game. This adds a significant +3 bonus to your bullet velocity, which is going to add even more to the long-range abilities of this gun. High bullet velocity is also a huge quality of life feature since it makes the game feel much snappier and responsive when your bullets hit more quickly.


Stippled Grip

Stippled Grip brings a straight bonus to your recoil control, it's a nice addition to this loadout where we are trying to maximize this gun's handling.



This straight-up makes the upper chest count as a crit, making it so that your gun can 2-shot across the map in many situations. It probably needs a nerf, so use it while it's here.


Fully Loaded

This weapon perk will maximize your starting ammunition, allowing you to kick off every life with your maximum potential.


Optic of your preference

There are a ton of optics to choose from, and this one will come down to your personal preference.I personally like an optic with a little bit of zoom, but everyone is different.


Lethal and Tactical grenades to run with the STG 44

Lethal: MK2 Frag Grenade

Tactical: No 69 Stun Grenade


A standard frag grenade is a solid option for clearing out rooms where you know enemies are hiding. You can also cook this grenade, making it even harder for enemies to dodge it.


On the tactical front, stuns are always a good bet in Vanguard, since they will help you identify enemy locations and give you the upper hand in your fights. I think the STG class benefits well from how mobile these two grenade types are.


Perks to run with the STG 44

  • Ghost
  • Piercing Vision
  • Lightweight or Overkill

Ghost will help keep you off the minimap of others, which is a nice bonus in a game with as much chaos to handle as Vanguard.


Piercing Vision is just a ridiculous perk, that will highlight enemies through walls and smoke if you they are suppressed enough. It is basically wall-hacks, so definitely run that.


On the third slot, lightweight is fun since it means you can run faster, alternatively you could run with a whole extra primary weapon by running Overkill.  



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