Call of Duty: Vanguard Assault Rifle tier list

Call of Duty: Vanguard is finally here, and it brought with it a slew of new weapons! One of the most deadly categories in the new game, as always, is the assault rifle category of weapons. The ARs in this game represent some of the most versatile guns available in Vanguard, which of course is the traditional role of an AR in Call of Duty. They should be able to perform decently at all ranges, even if they don't excel at all ranges.


We put together a tier list, power ranking the ARs from best to worst! Here is our Assualt Rifle tier list for Call of Duty: Vanguard!


Tier S

STG 44

The STG 44 is effective at any and all ranges in Call of Duty: Vanguard, making it the perfect AR. So whether you round a corner and face down an SMG, or you need to take out an enemy running down a street across the map, the STG 44 has you covered. This gun also boasts a fast time to kill, and its magazine size is large enough to take down a couple enemies before needing to reload. While the game hasn't been out long, players are already singing this gun's praises, and for good reason, it is the best AR in Vanguard.


Tier A


Yes, that is the actual name of the gun. The Volkssturmgewehr, which will here forth be known as the Volk because no one has time to say that whole name, is an excellent gun. The Volk has a very fast time to kill that feels extremely powerful in close-range scenarios. The biggest downside to this gun is that it comes with a high kick recoil that makes it hard to control in medium and long-range scenarios. But if you can learn its recoil pattern, this gun can shred at any range.


The Automation is the second AR you unlock in Vanguard, it is is a pretty solid weapon. This gun has a high level of accuracy and a very controllable recoil pattern, making it a great option for those who want to use an automatic weapon for long-range gunfights. Be aware, this gun is not going to perform well in your short-range encounters at all, but it is excellent in its long-range potential and very fun to use as well!



Tier B


The BAR packs a punch, and is definitely capable of great things at a longer range. Unfortunately, its low-fire rate leaves it vulnerable in middle and short-range fights, which limits the maps and scenarios where this gun is going to be optimal. Someone who prefers that long-range playstyle is going to love the BAR. If you are looking for something that will excel at shorter ranges, consider the Volk or the STG. Either way, the BAR is good enough at its chosen role to earn an A-Tier spot.

Itra Burst

This is kind of a weird weapon, that some people are going to absolutely love, and others won't enjoy much at all. It has a four-round burst that is decently tight, making it a solid burst option for those who enjoy burst rifles. It is definitely going to be stronger at long-range, since the time between bursts is high enough that if you miss your first burst you are going to quickly be overwhelmed by any enemies up close. This gun is viable, but its limitations will be a concern for some players.


Tier C


The NZ-41 is unique, in that it has a high accuracy initial shot, but its recoil quickly degrades into something uncontrollable. As a result, this gun is good either when burst fired at long-range, or in primarily close-range situations where you can take advantage of its high damage per shot. Overall, however, this gun is just a little bit weird and very difficult to handle, without too many upsides.




The AS44 has an identity crisis. It is a short-range gun that clearly wants to be an SMG, but it is pretending to be an AR. This gun has a very high fire rate and a high recoil, so you will often find yourself running out of bullets when you most need them. This gun is definitely one of the weakest in the AR category. 

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