T-Pain basically tells Call of Duty: Vanguard fans to shut up and it's really weird


Call of Duty: Vanguard is coming out tomorrow and the hype has been growing. On November 3, the world premiere was live-streamed from downtown Los Angeles, featuring a lot of the series' biggest pros, streamers, and also some popular rappers. 


One of those rappers was T-Pain, who acted as co-host of the premiere along with 100 Thieves co-owner and streamer Jack "CouRage" Dunlop. The event was an overall success save for one odd moment during T-Pain's introduction of Warzone Pacific, a new map. 


The excited crowd made comments and clapped at every statement T-Pain made. But at one point, T-Pain decided it was just too much. 


"Ladies and gentlemen... Hold on, hold on, you are talking too much. No, can't do it. Y'all talking too much. Hold up, hold up, 'cause I want this to sound good," T-Pain said. 


Following that sentence, T-Pain immediately hushed the crowd with an abundance of hushes. When the audience finally stopped talking (not even a whisper), T-Pain used a dramatic voice to announce the map: "Let's go!" 



The dramatic reaction to people chatting was a little strange for some Call of Duty fans. But the speech — and event — was fun overall. 


It's possible that T-Pain is a little salty towards Call of Duty fans after some of his negative experiences on the game. In April of 2021, T-Pain ran into a lot of racist players who kept using the n-word and insulting the Black Lives Matter movement. 


T-Pain responded by saying, "I want every single fucking one of them! I want it all!" He then called on the players to delete the black skins from their copy of Call of Duty, easily wiping out everyone on the opposing team. After the victory, T-Pain grabbed a drink. 


"Ladies and gentlemen, looks like the n---a wins," T-Pain said. "Stupid idiots." 


The clip was shared on Reddit, labeled as a "justified freakout." People said that T-Pain's reaction had them smiling while others commended him for shaming the racists while also dunking on them in-game. Fans applauded the drink at the end, saying how harsh the "stupid idiots" comment really could be in the right situation. 


T-Pain eventually responded to the Call of Duty community who showed support after witnessing the racist attack on the rapper. He called the Call of Duty players "fucking awesome," joking that he was just doing his duty. 


T-Pain clearly takes no BS from anyone and wasn't having the loud crowd during his dramatic moment at the Vanguard premier. Luckily T-Pain knows how to get respect while remaining entertaining and hilarious, making this a confusing but silly moment for Call of Duty fans. Who ever thought prostitution would be the topic of a speech at the Call of Duty: Vanguard premier? 

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