[Guide] How to play Ash in Apex Legends Season 11 in 3 minutes or less

The new playable Legend Ash has arrived in Apex Legends along with Season 11: Escape. The new agent formerly appeared in the Titanfall franchise and is the voice of the Apex Arenas announcer. She is an "incisive instigator" with tracking, trapping, and teleportation abilities. We took a deep dive on this character to create a guide for how to play Ash and some helpful tips and tricks for Ash as we kick off Apex Legends Season 11!


Overview to Ash's abilities in Apex Legends

Tactical Ability - Arc Snare

Ash's tactical ability is called Arc Snare. With this ability, Ash will throw a spinning snare that can deal 20 damage and tether an enemy who gets too close to it for a few moments. The snare is relatively slow in the air, so players do have time to respond if they spot it, but from closer ranges, it can be pretty difficult to avoid.  


Passive ability - Marked for Death

Marked for Death allows ash to check death boxes to mark any remaining squad members. This ability harkens to Ash's bounty hunter feel, as she ruthlessly hunts down surviving enemies. Overall this ability isn't super influential on the game, but it comes in handy here and there.


Ultimate ability - Phase Breach

Phase Breach is Ash's most interesting ability. This relatively fast charging ultimate ability allows Ash to tear open a one-way portal to a location on the ground. The range on this thing is pretty decent, and it activates almost instantly. Your teammates, or enemies, can follow you through the tear as well, so be aware of that functionality. Another thing to be aware of is that you can use this ultimate ability in the air, which will leave your portal suspended and more difficult for other players to access.


Tips and Tricks for Ash in Apex Legends Season 11

Handling enemies that follow you through your ultimate

If an enemy is in quick pursuit and you use your ultimate to get away, there is a possibility that your enemy will follow you through it in the hopes of finishing you off. If you expect an enemy to come through, after you ult you can immediately back up behind the exit of your Phase Breach ability. Players will always come out of the Phase Breach facing forward, so by standing behind it you will have the drop on enemy players to shoot. This is also a good opportunity to throw down your Arc Snare to trap enemies who dare taking your portal.


Use your ultimate to flank from unexpected locations

Your ultimate ability can go through windows, even if you yourself couldn't fit through them. You can use this functionality to teleport into a building being held by an enemy team and catch them unawares. Similarly, you can use your ultimate to get into unexpected high ground locations on cliff sides as well, which can be useful if you are trying to out flank an enemy team. In short, her ultimate is a very powerful positional tool, and you can definitely use it to aggressively flank enemies.


Combine Octane pads with Ash's ultimate for the most mobility

Since you can use Ash's ultimate in the air, you can actually maximize your rotation distance by hitting an Octane pad and then using your ultimate before you land. This can let you go crazy far distances and take an unexpected trajectory out of an Octane pad that could take enemies by surprise. You can use Ash's ultimate out of a Horizon tactical ability as well. When you start combining Ash with other mobility-focused Legends, you can move across the map in some very unique and interesting ways.


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