[Guide] How to use the CAR SMG in Apex Legends Season 11

Apex Legends Season 11 is here, and it is bringing with it the new CAR SMG. This submachine gun was previously featured in Titanfall games, but this is the first time it has been added to Apex legends. While it is still early to tell, it is quite possible that this gun will soon be a key meta contender with the R99 SMG, so it will be important that you learn how to use it to be competitive in the new season!


Here is everything you need to know about the CAR SMG in Apex Season 11.


CAR SMG stats in Apex Legends 

The CAR SMG deals 13 damage to the body and 17 damage to the head. This is better than most of the other SMGs. When that stat is combined with its fire rate of 900 RPM, we end up with a DPS of just over 200. This means that it is actually performing at or above the DPS of the R-99, so this guns damage is roughly comparable with the best SMG in Apex Legends.


The CAR can hold 20 rounds in the magazine at a base level, which can of course be upgraded by adding various rarities of extended magazines. Depending on the rarity of your extended magazine, it can hold 22, 24, or 27 rounds.


The hip-fire spread on this gun is pretty tight in comparison to most other guns in Apex, so in close-range this gun has a lot of potential even if you don't aim down sights. At longer range, this gun is going to struggle. It has an intense upward kick that also sprays wildly from side to side after a few moments on the trigger. This recoil pattern is very hard to master, but if you do, the CAR will serve you well.


The best way to control the recoil on PC is to pull down for the first couple seconds, and then jiggle aim once the side-to-side recoil kicks in, resetting the recoil for the last third of the clip.

The CAR SMG's hybrid ammo system

One of the things that sets the CAR SMG apart from other weapons in the game is that it can use either light or heavy ammo. You are able to switch between the types of ammo at will, which is useful if you need to conserve one ammo type or the other. Its multi-ammo ability also allows you to gather a single specific type of ammo if you are carrying either a light or heavy ammo gun along with your CAR. It's a small quirk that comes in handy now and again.


This also means you can use attachments for both heavy and light weapons, making this gun easy to upgrade compared to guns that can only accept one type of attachment.


Is the CAR  SMG the new meta?

While the jury is still out on a gun this new, the CAR SMG has a lot of potential, at least for highly skilled players. This gun is hard to control compared to some weapons in Apex, but if you can learn to control it, it boasts higher damage stats than the R99, the Prowler, and the Volt. At the very highest level of the game, there is a good chance the CAR SMG is going to see a lot of use. At lower levels, a diversity of guns based on preference will likely continue to be the case.

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