Anaelic Cosplay brings Sentinel Diana to life

▲ Photography by @papercube

We caught up with pro cosplayer Anaelic and asked a few questions about the making of one of her latest costumes, Sentinel Diana from League of Legends. Anaelic designs and crafts all of her cosplays and posts tutorials online for others to learn.

What was the most challenging part of making this cosplay?

I used a stretch PVC fabric for this cosplay which is notoriously difficult to work with. My main tip for cosplayers working with this fabric is to use a walking foot on your sewing machine, which helps immensely.

Are there any techniques or craft methods on particular display?

Although this cosplay does appear to have “armour”, it’s actually primarily made with fabric. For the more structured pieces, I sewed fabric “sleeves” around a foam base, which is one of my favourite techniques for creating armour since it doesn’t crack (unlike painted armour), and it looks more cohesive with the other fabric pieces of the costume.

How did you come to work with Paper Cube? What are the things they do that make the photos look so good?

I’ve been working with Paper Cube since 2016, and we always work together at nearly every con we go to! Good communication is so important between a photographer/cosplayer, and we both understand each others’ editing and posing styles very well by now so we always manage to produce some great work together.

How does it feel wearing the full cosplay? 

I had a pretty short timeframe to make this cosplay, so when it all came together so quickly it felt like quite a surprise when it worked out as well as it did! It also felt pretty cool cosplaying a brand new LoL skin that had only just been released at the time.

Did you have any costume plans for Halloween?}

Honestly, as a cosplayer, Halloween doesn’t really feel like a special event since I make costumes all year round anyway! I enjoy taking things more casual with Halloween, and try to just have fun since most of my time is still taken up with making my regular cosplays.

6. Where can Inven Global readers follow you and locate more of your content?

My primary platform is Instagram, but all my social links are as follows:


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