Apex Legends Season 11 Legend tier List

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape has arrived, which means it's time for an updated Apex Legend tier list for this season! The new season launched with the brand new agent Ash, who previously showed up in the Titanfall series and is the announcer in Apex Legends Arenas as well. The addition of Ash and the balance changes from Season 10 have left the Apex Legends meta in a new state as we head into the new season.


Here is our tier list power ranking every playable legend in Apex Legends Season 11!



Octane is certainly a unique legend. He can use a stim that exchanges his health for speed, allowing him to run around the battlefield at a wicked fast pace. He also heals overtime to make up for his stim dealing damage to him. His ultimate is a giant bounce pad that gives you a double jump and is perfect for quick rotations and attacks. Overall these abilities combine to make him a very hard-to-kill speed demon with a lot of movement skills. He is a favorite among casuals and pros alike, especially as Apex has moved toward the movement meta.



Lifeline has been tier-S for a long time. She can use her standard ability to heal herself and her teammates, and she can use a drone to revive her downed teammates automatically. She is arguably the best support legend in the game in Apex Legends Season 11, and a great option in both Battle Royale and the Arenas mode. Her abilities might not be quite as fun as some of the other agents, but they are very powerful.



Wraith is a dangerous opponent to face in Apex Legends because her abilities are very powerful. Her ability to vanish and relocate is basically a get-out-of-jail-free card, and her ultimate ability has game-changing implications that can secure the bag in a lot of situations where your team needs to rotate. Her passive that lets you know when you are being aimed at isn't half bad either, for those who want help with situational awareness. Wraith has been an S-Tier legend since Season 1 and she remains at the top of the class in Season 11.



While he may seem boring, Gibraltar's abilities are some of the best in the game since they allow him to tank a significant amount of damage before going down and keep his teammates safe in high-pressure situations. His abilities include a personal shield that can take up to 50 health and regenerate after 9 seconds and a protective bubble that lasts 12 seconds and increases the speed at which Gibraltar revives by 33% while he is inside the dome. On top of that, he takes 15% less damage and can't be slowed by weapon fire.


Due to that ridiculous slate of abilities, Gibraltor is without a question one of the best defenders in Apex Legends Season 11.



Ash is a new legend in season 11, so the jury is still out on her meta potential. She has a lot of similarities to Wraith when it comes to her ultimate, though her teleport is faster and only one way. She also comes with tracking abilities and a stun that make her a good character to play for hunting enemy players. She is brand new, so it’s hard to say whether she will define the meta this season, but based on first impressions of this agent, she is likely going to be competitive. Time will tell if she is S-Tier, but for now, we are putting her in A-Tier as the community figures out her best uses.



While Horizon saw some nerfs to her kit at the start of Season 9 that dropped her down a tad, she remained very powerful in the meta throughout season 10. As we head into season 11, Horizon remains a strong option, especially in higher-level lobbies. Her active ability Gravity Lift gives Horizon and her team instant vertical mobility and a useful escape that just can't be replaced by another legend. Add to that her devastating black hole ultimate, and you have one of the best Legends in Apex.


As a connoisseur of gas-based war crimes, Caustic has his uses when it comes to locking down a building or leaving behind noxious traps for enemies to trigger. His popularity in the pro meta has grown in recent months due to some buffs he received for his gas abilities last season that made gas much more deadly to enemies. Caustic is great if you enjoy a more defensive, pressure-based playstyle, and he is very useful in upper level lobbies.



Bloodhound is the most powerful tracker in the game. They are able to send out a ping that reveals nearby enemy locations through walls, and their ultimate increases movement speed, highlights enemies in bright red, and instantly gives them three charges of their enemy reveal locations. Bloodhound is the most consistent character for revealing enemy locations in the game, and remains a top pick for anyone who enjoys wallhacks in their kit.



Valkryie is known as the "winged avenger." Her kit allows her to use a Jetpack to fly and she can also launch a powerful missile swarm that does a decent job of confusing and disorienting enemies. Topping off her kit is her Skyward Dive ultimate, which lets you and your teammates take to the sky and skydive to a new location. This is a very useful ability for rotating long distances in the midst of games, making her one of the best all-around BR agents. She is A-Tier because has a really good kit for dealing with the verticality of many Apex Legends maps, and her ultimate can be game-defining if used correctly.



Pathfinder is a mobility-focused Recon Legend. He has a grappling hook to help him get around places more quickly, and his ultimate ability is a zipline that lets you travel a decent distance. As a recon legend, he can also scan survey beacons to reduce the cooldown on his Zipline Gun. Overall, Pathfinder is a pretty solid alternative to Octane for the movement meta, at least he is if you can master his grappling hook mobility. 



Seer was the new agent added for Apex Legends Season 10. When he dropped, he was S-Tier, because his heartbeat monitor and tactical ability were very powerful, revealing the location of enemies with ease. However, they nerfed the effective distance of his heartbeat monitor and significantly decreases the speed of his microdrone reveal, making it easier to dodge. Since these changes, his pick-rate has plummeted, and you can expect him to remain mid-tier in Season 11.



As a member of the original Apex Legends cast, Bangalore has seen a lot of metas. With each season, she has slid a little bit down, as Respawn continues to introduce new, improved Legends to the roster. That said, Bangalore's smoke ability, increased run speed when under fire, and Rolling Thunder artillery strike ultimate are all more than serviceable abilities. They are just a little standard compared to the newer legends like Valkrie or Horizon, who can literally fly in the air and teleport hundreds of yards.



All of Loba's abilities are themed around her identity as a thief. Her tactical ability Burglar's Best Friend gives her a useful teleportation ability that can get you out of trouble in a pinch. Her passive ability lets you see the best loot through walls, which is a very useful ability in the early game. Her ultimate ability Black Market Boutique allows you to place a device down that teleports all nearby loot into your inventory.


Loba might not be a slayer, but she can provide you with an endless stream of high-tier loot, and she does have a decent rotation ability, leaving her solidly in the B-Tier for Season 11.



Rampart came up in Apex Legends Season 10, after they dedicated an event to her and gave her ultimate a huge buff by making it so she can actually run around with it. The modern Rampart isn’t top-tier still, but it is fair to say she is a mid-tier legend heading into Apex Legends Season 11. If you enjoy playing Rampart's tanky style, she is definitely viable in Apex right now.





Mirage boasts a bunch of abilities based on misdirection. His Psyche Out ability lets him send out a holographic projection of himself to distract and confuse enemies. He also automatically cloaks when reviving teammates and using respawn beacons. His ultimate deploys a ton of projections of himself to distract enemies. His holographic projections offer diminishing returns as you move up in lobby difficulty, and generally speaking, there are a lot of characters with more useful abilities. That said, Mirage is plenty fun to play in Season 11.



Wattson's unique Perimeter Fence ability dominated the meta for a season or two after she was released, but her utility value has fallen behind in comparison to Caustic and Gibraltor over the past couple of seasons. While she did receive a rework this season that could boost her pick-rate, it doesn’t look like the rework has done enough to make her competitive with other utility-focused characters.


Added in Apex Legends Season 4, Revenant is a stalker-type legend. He is able to crouch walk faster than the other legends, and he can climb walls higher as well. He also can throw a device that silences enemies' abilities for 15 seconds and deals damage. These aren't incredible abilities, and his ultimate ability is pretty meh as well. Once again, Revenant can be fun, but he doesn’t bring game-changing abilities to the table, leaving him in a lower tier.





Crypto is a hack-focused legend, who, to be fair, can be used to some success. The problem is that Crypto's kit forces you to choose between running around and playing the game, and operating his drone. Plus, his drone is destroyable and can reveal your location to an astute enemy. This leaves him often in danger while using his drone, in comparison to someone like Bloodhound. I don’t think any legends are completely useless in Apex Season 11, but Crypto is near the bottom of the stack.


Fuse loves his explosions, unfortunately, he also has one of the worst win rates of any Legend. Since his introduction to the game in Season 8, Fuse has failed to leave a positive impression due to his situational at best abilities. His Motherlode ultimate can be decent if you manage to actually trap anyone in it, and his grenades can be pretty competitive in early Arenas mode rounds, but overall Fuse is probably the most underpowered character in the game right now, in my opinion.

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