Hungrybox asks Super Smash Bros. community to not photoshop his image so here are the best results

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Melee God Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma has sent out a gravely serious request to the Super Smash Bros. community to not photoshop his most recent screenshot. So naturally, fans have gone the route of Jigglypuff and are making their most creative masterpieces out of Hungrybox's awkward pose. 


The best Hungrybox edits on Twitter

Hungrybox has asked this strange photo to be left alone. Please. Don't even THINK of altering this photo. In response, Smash fans have decided to flex their creativity and Photoshop skills with some works of art that have Hungrybox riding horses, taking part in the Squid Games, and getting a bit too immersed in a claw game. 

Source: Nick D'Orazio
Source: PorcupineMeth
Source: Saff
Source: Seoth_SSB
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