EDG Viper on DWG KIA: "I knew that we’d meet like this in the finals."

Source: LCK Korea


In the semifinals of the 2021 LoL World Championship, EDward Gaming defeated Gen.G 3-2 and reached the finals for the first time in organization history. They are set to face the defending champions, DWG KIA in the finals. After their win, EDG bot laner Park “Viper” Do-hyeon joined Jeesun Park on the LCK broadcast and shared his joy.



Congratulations on going to the finals. How do you feel?


Thank you. First… I’m really happy. We somehow managed to pull off a victory, so to be able to head to the finals feels like a dream. I am very satisfied.


The series went the distance and was a full five-game series. Were you pressured at all about facing Gen.G today?


Not before the match today; we thought that we’d win 3-1, but during the series, no one knew how things were going to turn out until we actually got into the game, so I didn’t know that today’s match would turn out into a full five-game series. As we went through the series, I tried to remind myself to not let the previous game affect me. 


When did you feel that you won the game in game 5?


We messed up Realm Warping into the base to end the game, and we actually screwed it up a bit, but we knew that we’d still win.


EDG struggled against Gen.G’s Lee Sin & Renekton in games 2 & 3, but managed to deal with the champions well in games 4 & 5. Can you tell us what changed in the team’s game plan?


I think that in the first game, I did not make the plays that I needed to make. Our performance level isn’t perfect, so while we still won, I didn’t think the game would go in our favor. We thought we could deal with Lee Sin, but as the series went on, we decided that it was better to ban it out.


Did you expect Gen.G to keep Lucian/Nami open?


I predicted that they were going to leave at least one of the bot lane choices open, but I didn’t expect them to play Miss Fortune and Lulu. However, I was confident in that matchup, so I knew we’d win as long as I played well.


Jhin has become a key pick in the Bo5 series, as he remains undefeated in Bo5s. What are your thoughts on the champion?


He’s a really interesting pick. Not only is he fun to play, but he’s also the strongest marksman champion next to Aphelios. His ability to support his team from afar with his ult and W makes him a perfect fit for this meta. 


You will be facing the defending champions, DWG KIA. It’s between the two first seeds of the LCK & LPL. How do you predict the series will go?


Honestly, I knew that we’d meet like this in the finals. I’m happy that we’re playing DWG KIA in the finals. I really can’t predict how the series will go, but we’ve also improved much as we went through the quarters and semis. Although they’re very strong, we’ll do our best. 


What are you looking out for the most against DWG KIA in the finals?


I’ve watched the semifinals between DWG KIA and T1; Canyon was incredible. Just him alone makes them a very threatening team, as well as ShowMaker.


Any last comments regarding the finals?


I hope we could make the best-ever finals by having a great game with a regretless performance. Obviously, I hope we do win the championship.

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