VALORANT pros question Chamber's viability in the VCT meta

Source: Riot Games

Riot games finally dropped their first teaser trailer for their brand new Sentinel agent Chamber. The trailer showed off Chamber's abilities in action, and excited many VALORANT fans and pros alike, who have been waiting some time for the reveal. The classy Frenchman is meant to mix up the long-range meta with his teleports, special arsenal of weapons, and traps.



However, pros are already questioning whether Chamber will ever see any play in VCT competition. On the other side of the conversation, a lot of VALORANT fans think he is hot.

Chamber's abilities in VALORANT

Chamber's C ability is called Trademark. It allows him to place a trap that scans enemies and slows them when they are detected.


Chambers E ability is called Rendezvous, it is a teleport that allows Chamber to place anchors on the ground, allowing him to transfer between the two anchors at will. The anchors can be picked up and redeployed on demand. This ability was shown off in the trailer.


Chamber's Q ability was also shown off in the trailer. It is called Headhunter and allows him to activate a special heavy pistol with some impressive iron sights and damage potential.


His ultimate ability is called Tour de Force, and it allows Chamber to pull out a powerful golden sniper rifle that has one-shot-kill potential. Enemies nearby an eliminated target will be slowed, allowing him to take even more deadly potshots.


VALORANT pros question Chamber's role in the meta

On the ability front, many were surprised that Chamber is coming with weapon utility as his primary advantage. Some pros argued that his weapon abilities are inconsistent with his Sentinel label, while others, like RNG's ROY, pointed out that his weapon abilities are about controlling the economy instead of just the map.



Many VALORANT pros are already questioning whether he will see pro play. Notably, LG's YaBoiDre said, "Chamber def looks like a for fun ranked agent. Feel like there’s no way he gets played in pro play," further explaining, "every team uses their sentinels to solo default on attack and I feel like he won’t be able to take map control by himself."



100T Asuna agreed with this analysis, saying, "yea, haven’t seen any abilities yet but I don’t see him being played on your sentinel agent, only on your opper which is Jett atm and until Jett gets nerfed, this agent shouldn’t be picked but what do I know."



There were also pros who suggested he will find a place in the professional meta. According to ex-pro G2 Lothar, some teams may try to play Jett alongside Chamber, doubling up on the deadly ranged executes.


Only time will tell what place Chamber holds in the professional side of VALORANT competition.

VALORANT community obsessed with Chamber's looks

While there were plenty of people discussing Chamber's actual abilities, a large number of people reacted to Chamber's looks first and foremost.  It seems most people think the French national is hot.

So even if we don't get to see Chamber played at the highest level, there will probably be plenty of Chamber stans on the ladder playing him because they are into him.

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