Pacific update will bring dogfighting to Call of Duty for the first time

According to the newest blog from Activision, World War 2 era planes and anti-aircraft batteries will be included on Warzone's new Pacific map in the Vanguard Royale game mode, dropping in December.


So players will be able to engage in aerial combat with other planes during Vanguard Royale matches, or if you are more of a boots-on-the-ground kind of person, you can use the new AA guns or AA-truck to take down planes from the ground.



"The Pacific is home to dogfighting, aerial battles in the azure skies above the majestic isle," the devs explained. "Think of a Precision Airstrike where you are in the cockpit, ready to rain down fire on a squad or defend yours from an enemy pilot. That, in its most basic terms, is what you can imagine aerial combat is like in the Pacific."


While this may seem like minor news, this is the first time in COD franchise history that dogfighting has been part of their offering in any mode. This is one more step forward in their depiction of vehicle-based Warfare, something that has only arrived in COD titles over the past couple of years. In addition to these machine-gun equipped planes, vehicles like trucks and bikes will all be featured in the new Vanguard specific mode as well. 

You can experience the Warzone Pacific update when it drops in early December.

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