Deadmines revealed as upcoming Hearthstone Mini-Set, arriving next week

▲ Players won't have to wait much longer. Images via Blizzard Entertainment


After much anticipation, the Hearthstone development team announced the upcoming United in Stormwind Mini-Set on Thursday afternoon.


Titled "Deadmines," players will only have to wait a few days to get their hands on the 66-card set as Blizzard announced in a post that it would go live on Tuesday, November 2.


For the price of $14.99 USD or 2,000 in-game gold, players will instantly have access to four brand new Legendary cards (1x), one Epic card (2x), 14 Rare cards (2x), and 16 Commons (2x).




In the announcement trailer, the Hearthstone development team is taking the Deadmines players know and love (and fear) from World of Warcraft and creating a carbon copy of it in their collectible card game.


For those unaware, Deadmines in the MMORPG is a dungeon in Westfall filled with members of the Defias Brotherhood, murlocs, goblins, and all sorts of undesirable beings. Making his triumphant return in the Mini-Set is Edwin VanCleef who is featured in the trailer and will, presumably, be one of the Legendary cards. His daughter, Vanessa VanCleef, acted alongside "Captain" Cookie (a nasty murloc) as final bosses in the dungeon.


Alongside Deadmines, the development team announced a myriad of bug fixes, Duels updates, Mercenaries content, Battlegrounds information, and more, all coming in Patch 21.6 on Tuesday.

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