Is the VCT NA LCQ the most cursed esports event of 2021?

Source: NA VCT

While the VALORANT community can't agree on much, the NA region have all come to an agreement on one thing: The VCT NA LCQ is cursed. There is no other explanation for this series of unfortunate events.



The event has already been a disaster even before this week's online matches. The original in-person event failed to secure travel arrangements for the AU-based teams, leaving out two of the originally scheduled participants. Then the actual in-person event had a dreadful first day marked by technical failures and latency issues after the competition was moved from LAN to online servers due to COVID-19 restrictions. Then, the next day numerous players tested positive for COVID-19, which eventually forced the entire event to postpone to this week, with the in-person part of the event canceled.


Now the NA LCQ has once again been postponed by a day, this time due to severe weather knocking out Cloud9 Blues' power during their match against Rise. The matches will resume tomorrow, assuming the fates allow it to.


It's simple, ethereal beings from another plane of existence don't want NA to send its final team to Champions. Who are we to question this supernatural will? The community too is bemoaning the curse, and hoping that it may be lifted tomorrow.


VALORANT community bemoans VCT NA LCQ curse

In this, the spookiest time of the year, numerous VALORANT players and influencers made their assessments of the curse on the Qualifier.


Envy player Yay stated simply "NA LCQ is cursed at this point tbh"

All the way from Korea, Vision Strikers warned of the curse.


VALORANT commentator Velly was looking for culprits, saying, "who is jinxing NA LCQ."

Many others also spoke up, expressing their frustration with various levels of humor and resignation.



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