Another Super Smash Bros. knock off fighting game may be coming


Following the initial success of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, it looks like WB Games wants to also jump on the trend. 


Some leaks have led the Smash community to believe that WB Games is working on a platform fighter very similar to Super Smash Bros. but with WB characters instead. The screenshots were initially shared by Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma on Twitter. 


"Y'all thought I was lying, huh?" Hungrybox tweeted. 


Attached was a screenshot of the alleged character selection screen, which contained fighter icons representing characters from Stephen Universe, Rick & Morty, Batman, Adventure Time, Superman, Bugs Bunny, and Lord of the Rings. It also had an entirely new character on the top left. 



So far it's unclear if this screenshot is accurate or valid. And if it is, it's not certain how many more characters are in the roster. 


Since Hungrybox's tweet, Warner Bros. Interactive hasn't addressed the supposed leak. Speculations have continued either way, with some people hoping for other WB properties like Godzilla vs. Kong and Regular Show. 


Hungrybox also posted a YouTube video about the leak but it's currently unavailable since it has content from Warner Bros. This could be a possible hint that the screenshot is indeed a real image from a real game that's being worked on. Or Hungrybox could have just used clips from Warner Bros. shows in his YouTube video. 


Either way, the Smash community is already buzzing about the possibilities. It looks like the Nick All-Star Brawl hype is already dying and fans are hungry for the next knock-off. 

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