Caitlyn, Jayce coming to League of Legends Wild Rift in Patch 2.5a

▲ Jayce is coming to a mobile device near you. Images via Riot Games


As Halloween approaches, Riot Games decided to leave a treat for League of Legends: Wild Rift players in the upcoming Patch 2.5a. Announced on Tuesday afternoon, both Caitlyn and Jayce will enter the mobile game on November 9.


The two long-time fan favorites will enter the title alongside numerous balance changes to champions and items. What makes Patch 2.5a special is that it's the last before the game's first-ever international tournament, Horizon Cup, which takes place on November 13.


The following changes include comments from the development team and are scheduled to be released throughout the patch:





(Ult) Comeuppance
Minimum bonus Attack Damage ratio: 12.5% to 10% based on missing health
Maximum bonus Attack Damage ratio: 50% to 40% based on missing health

Comments: As players have gained mastery over Akshan, he has been revealed as a stronger pick than he appeared on previous patches. We like keeping the bulk of Akshan’s power in medium-range combat, so we’re siphoning a small amount of power out of his ultimate to make it a little harder for him to pick enemies off after fights for easy revives.



(1) Decimate
Heal: 15 - 45% based on enemy champions hit to 12 - 36% based on enemy champions hit

Comments: Darius has been one of the most dominant picks in Elite level play for some time. To promote champion diversity in the Baron Lane, we're reducing his ability to heal away damage during trades and skirmishes.



(Ult) Hero's Entrance
Cooldown: 120/100/80 seconds to 130/115/100 seconds

Comments: While Galio’s support presence was recently nerfed, we’re seeing him get stronger in mid due to the input buffering changes (how his abilities interact with Flash and Protobelt Enchant) in Patch 2.5. This time, we’re further chipping away at his ultimate to address his omnipresence and dominance in pro play.



Base Health: 610 to 570
Armor per level: 4.3 to 3.9
Base Mana regeneration: 15 to 12

Comments: Graves has spiked in both power and popularity over the last few patches as the metagame has become extremely favorable for him. We’re taking away some of the defenses he gets for free in order to limit how easy it is for Graves to farm up a few items and carry without fear of dying.



(1) Icathian Rain
Base damage per missile: 50/70/90/110 to 40/60/80/100
Max single-target damage: 112.5/157.5/202.5/247.5 to 90/135/180/225

Comments: Kai'Sa has been a dominant pick in highly-skilled play as well as coordinated play. We're cutting down on her trading power, burst, and waveclear by lowering the base damage on Icathian Rain, but leaving her scaling intact so she can still perform her role later in the game.



(Ult) The Culling
Bullet damage: 15/35/55 to 20/40/60

Comments: Lucian is still underperforming in the Dragon Lane despite recent buffs, so we're increasing the damage of The Culling to bring him in line with other marksmen.



(Ult) Tidal Wave
Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds to 90/80/70 seconds

Comments: Nami’s been at the top of the support food chain for quite a while, and we’re looking to bring her down just a touch to let other supports shine. This small nerf to Tidal Wave will make it a bit more punishing to fish for picks and should open Nami up to be a bit more vulnerable to all-ins, which should be her primary weakness as a healing enchanter support.



(P) Battle Fury
Attack speed from all attacking enemy champions: 50/55/65/75% to 45/50/55/60%

Comments: Since the release of his rework, Tryndamere has been overperforming in the jungle. We're pulling back on the bonus attack speed gained from his passive to reduce the power of his early ganks and tone down his late-game power spike.



▲ Caitlyn isn't looking to miss.


Black Cleaver

Attack Damage: 35 to 40

Comments: Black Cleaver has been underperforming in comparison to other options like Trinity Force and Death's Dance in every slot for most fighters. We don't want to swing too far in the opposite direction, so we're cautiously giving it a light buff to help it compete.


Last Whisper

Armor penetration: 15% to 10%

Comments: Last Whisper and its upgrades offer extremely powerful anti-armor itemization for physical damage carries. While this is their intended output, they are currently so effective at their purpose that tank defenses are being invalidated by penetration even relatively early in the game. We are reducing the efficiency of these items, particularly Mortal Reminder, and adding per-level scaling to the armor penetration to ensure that tanks have a sufficient window of time to use their defenses before carries scale into a place to cut them down.


Mortal Reminder

Armor penetration: 30% at all levels to 16-30% based on champion level
Attack Damage: 45 to 40
Combine cost: 650 gold to 800 gold (Total cost: 2950 gold to 3100 gold)

Comments: See Last Whisper for context.


Serylda's Grudge

Armor penetration: 30% at all levels to 16-30% based on champion level
Combine cost: 500 gold to 600 gold (Total cost: 3000 gold to 3100 gold)

Comments: See Last Whisper for context.


Force of Nature

Magic resist: 45 to 50

Comments: Magic resistance choices for tanks are not quite sufficient when tanks are dealing with significant magic damage threats. We're buffing up the magic resistance on Spirit Visage and Force of Nature slightly to make them more powerful when dealing with magic damage, particularly enemy compositions with multiple threats.


Spirit Visage

Magic resist: 45 to 50

Comments: See Force of Nature for context.

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