[Updated 10/26] Controversial YouTuber Keemstar blames "cancel culture" for his retirement

Source: Keemstar

Update 10/26/2021: On Tuesday, Keemstar released a video addressing the reasons that he is retiring. The short answer is that he says is no longer having fun and complained about "cancel culture" ruining the internet.


Original Article: Daniel "Keemstar" Keem, a controversial YouTuber who has been active online for over a decade now, announced that he is retiring on Monday. He actively posted internet content for nearly 14 years during his career, which saw the rise of mainstream YouTube and influencer culture along the way.



As of writing this article, Keemstar has not released a full statement explaining the reason for his decision to retire, simply stating that he is retiring and that we can expect a complete statement from him later today.


Some have voiced their suspicion that his retirement announcement is bait or trolling. Keemstar released a brief response to these doubters on Twitter, saying, "I really am retiring. I am going to have a statement today on DramaAlert to talk about It briefly. . . Why I am leaving, what is happening to the future of Drama Alert. . . all the of that."



The influencer and streamer made a name for himself covering internet drama. Very early on in his YouTube career, Keemstar stated that the future of YouTube and other online community was drama between creators, a prediction that ended up being at least partly true.


He also often found himself a part of that drama, having been accused of racism, sexual activity with a minor, and ongoing harassment of a variety of people online over the past decade. While these alleged behaviors were publicicized for a long time, in 2020 H3H3 put together a three-part video series exposing Keemstar's unseemingly antics, and action that has led to ongoing harassment of H3H3 by Keemstar ever since.



As of retiring, he has 2.8 million followers on Twitter and 5.77 million subscribers on his DramaAlert YouTube channel. We will update this article when we see a statement later, assuming this isn't all just a massive troll (which knowing Keemstar, is still a possibility).

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