GEN oDin: "The LCK proved through this Worlds that the LCK is better than the rest."

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Gen.G met Cloud9 in the quarterfinals of the 2021 LoL World Championship. While both teams seemed relieved that they met each other during the draw, the matchup turned out to be extremely one-sided as Gen.G swept Cloud9 3-0. After collecting the win, Gen.G sat down for a press conference.



(To Ruler) You were eliminated in the quarterfinals last year, but you’ve made it to the semis this year. What has improved compared to last year?


Ruler: I think our communication in the game improved, and there was some luck involved with the knockout draw.


(To Bdd) After the brackets were decided, Gen.G seemed relieved. On the other hand, Cloud9 also seemed that they could do well against you. What did you think seeing Cloud9’s reaction to the draw?


Bdd: Since they hadn’t played against us, it's understandable that they reacted that way, but seeing how today’s match turned out, they shouldn’t have.


(To Clid) You won all Smite fights today. How confident are you in Smite fights? How important do you think that confidence and Smite fights would be in the games to come?


Clid: Of course, there’s some luck involved. In that situation, there are several factors such as my teammates’ skills or the concentration in that split second. Junglers always have influence in any game, so I think it’ll be important in the semis and the finals.


(To oDin) Gen.G still seems to have a hard time during the mid-late game macro if you don’t dominate the laning phase. What do you think about this issue? How are you planning to improve this for the upcoming games?


oDin: The whole team is aware of that problem. Still, I think my players are good at macro in general, and the team will be working hard to improve what we lack through feedback.


(To Bdd) In some communities, you’re called DDaemon (Ed — Bdd + Doraemon). Are you aware of this nickname? Your performance is really good at this Worlds. Compared to your career, how good do you think you are?


Bdd: I monitor the communities a lot, so I know that nickname, and I love it. As for my prowess, I’ve been through several teams, watching many competitions, and improving — I think right now, the games seem clearest to me and I’m showing my best.


(To Life) Your next match is against EDward Gaming, and many predict that the bot lane matchup would be important. What do you think about EDG’s bot duo, and how confident are you in winning?


Life: I think EDG’s bot duo is really good, but I remember Viper losing a lot to Ruler and me. I’m confident that we’ll win in the semifinals.


(To Bdd) In game 2, Cloud9 picked Yasuo and Lee Sin, and seemed they were trying to keep you off AD champions. You picked Aatrox, and that messed up Cloud9’s plans. What do you think about that? And how prepared was Aatrox?


Bdd: It seems that everyone thinks that our champion pool is limited. They probably thought they’ll pick Yasuo and play a teamfight comp, but we have a LOT of champions prepared. The angle was right, so I picked Aatrox and it went well.


(To Rascal) Currently in the quarterfinals, the top-tier champions are Jayce, Graves, and Kennen. These champions don’t seem to fit you well. What would be your strength in this meta?


Rascal: I do think that those three champions are good picks. But I could play Graves or Kennen quite well, but since I underperformed whenever I played Kennen, you could think that I don’t go with the meta well. I think everything will be okay if I simply play well.


(To Ruler) Your next match is against EDG. What do you think of Viper and Meiko? How do you think the game will go?


Ruler: I’ve always thought they’re really good, and I’m happy that we could show a good game at a high stage. As for the result, since I beat Viper often with Life, I’m confident.


(To Clid) You were selected as the Player of the Game on the Chinese broadcast. How do you feel?


Clid: I think both teams made a lot of mistakes, and I got lucky. Since my teammates did well with me, I was awarded the MVP.


(To Ruler) You’ve reached the semifinals again after 2017. What do you think about the matchup against EDG?


Ruler: When I saw their matches, they were parts where they were good, but they also made mistakes. I think we’re also not that perfect, so I think it’ll be fierce and interesting. I think it’ll be fun to face EDG’s bot duo.


(To Rascal) You played well on Graves today. How would you rate your performance? What do you think about the champion tier in top lane?


Rascal: My Graves match today, our mid and jungle had such a big advantage, and the opponent top laner was way too weak in the situation. It just went well. I think Graves is a really good pick in the top lane.


(To oDin) The current Gen.G roster played together for two years. What was improved while preparing for 2021? And what improvement led you up to here?


oDin: There was just one thing that we wanted to improve — everyone to look in the same direction. Whether it’s in-game or out of the game. We’re still working on it, but I think it’s going well now.


(To Ruler) There was only one team from the LCK in the semis last year. What changed over the year for LCK to send three teams to the semis at Worlds this year?


Ruler: Last year, I think it was different from the macro compared to teams abroad. And our laning wasn’t that better than them either. This changed a lot this year. I think that’s why the LCK sent three teams to semis this year.


(To Bdd) You’ve finally made it to the semis at Worlds. How do you feel about that? How confident are you in facing EDG?


Bdd: Since it’s my first time going to the semis at Worlds, I feel really good. As for our match against EDG, I think the conditions on our matchday will be really important. I don’t think the two teams’ prowesses are far apart.


(To oDin) There are three LCK teams in the semis. Do you think the LCK-dominant era has returned?


oDin: Yes. I think the LCK proved through this Worlds that the LCK is better than the rest.


(To Ruler, Ggoong) What’s Gen.G’s biggest strength to take down EDG?


Ruler: Our biggest strength? I’ve never thought about that. [Laughs] I think we’re better at things like teamfights, and those things would decide the result in the game.

Ggoong: I think EDG and Gen.G are quite similar teams. In the match, the skirmishes will be important. The team that wins skirmishes will take the game.


(To Clid) You could face DWG KIA or T1 in the finals. Which team do you want to meet?


Clid: [Laughs] Both teams are great. It’ll be hard to predict which will win. Whichever team makes it, we would need to prepare well so that we could beat any of them — but it’ll be more important for us to win in the semis.


(To Life) You’ve played in this team your whole career. Could you discuss your improvements throughout your career here?


Life: In ‘18, I was the sub player and there was CoreJJ. I learned a lot by watching him play. In ‘19, the coaching staff and Ruler helped me and taught me a lot. In ‘20, people like oDin or Bdd — everyone helped me a lot. I was able to improve much. I still have a far way to go, but I know what I lack, so believe that I could improve even more.


Source: Riot Games

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