How to buy the brand new Razer Zephyr Smart Mask

The much anticipated Razer Zephyr Smart Mask is finally dropping to the public today, with the first available masks dropping at 8 PM PST via only online order.  According to Razer, the mask will only be available in "limited quantities" so getting your hands on one is still going to be quite the challenge.


You can purchase it exclusively on Razer's website as part of limited drops. So you need to watch Razer's social media accounts to see when the drops are happening, and try to be the first to complete your transaction.

Razer's post-apocalyptic style RGB mask was first announced as a concept last year under the name Project Hazel. While it initially was only a concept, the mask received such interest that they decided to actually develop it into Razer Zephyr. This mask will look right at home while scavenging for water in dried-up wastelands of post-nuclear New York, or just at a rave.



It’s time to lean into our dystopian timeline and buy Razer Project Hazel masks


The final version of the Razer Zephyr mask features replaceable N95 Grade air filters, air exchange chambers with intake fans, a transparent front with RGB lighting for your mouth, and two customizable RGB rings around the filter locations. The mask should also be relatively easy to clean since most of the components that will touch your face are made of silicone.



The filters in the mask are replaceable. Razer says that each filter should last three days of heavy use before needing to be replaced, and you can buy filter pack replacements from Razer on their website.


The Razer Zephyr mask will run you $100 USD per unit and comes with a 1-year warranty and three sets of N95 grade filters.



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