Best LAPA SMG loadout in Warzone Season 6

The LAPA SMG has arrived in Warzone along with the Haunted event. You can unlock this SMG by completing a series of Haunted event challenges in either Warzone or Call of Duty: Cold War, or you can purchase a blueprint of this weapon in the COD store for real money.


Since the gun is very new, its place in the meta is still up in the air, but this gun seems to have a lot of potential when equipped with the right attachments. Here is the best loadout for the LAPA SMG in Warzone Season 6!


Overview to the LAPA SMG in Warzone

The LAPA is a very low recoil gun with a relatively slow fire rate of around 700 RPM. Despite its low recoil, however, it isn't going to operate very well at range by default due to its slow 231 m/s bullet velocity. At the same time, this gun has a slower time to kill up close than most of the other SMGs in Warzone, so your best bet is still going to be investing your loadout into building up its range potential with better damage, recoil control, and bullet velocity.

Best attachments for the LAPA SMG in Warzone

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 10.2 Ranger Barrel
  • STANAG 50 Rnd magazine
  • Field Agent Grip
  • Short-range optic

Agency Suppressor

The Agency Suppressor remains the best option for most Cold War weapons in Warzone. This suppressor will decrease your discoverability in Warzone and slightly improve your recoil control, both of which are solid improvements to this weapon. Stealth remains essential in Warzone, so the suppressor is a must-have.


10.2" Ranger Barrel

The LAPA doesn't have a Task Force barrel option, which is the typical barrel you want to run on Cold War SMGs and Rifles. The next best option is going to be the 10.2" Ranger Barrel, which increases your damage at range and bullet velocity. This will help make this weapon more viable in medium-range conflicts and boost the overall usefulness of this gun in its ideal range.


STANAG 50 Rnd Magazine

It's always nice to have extra bullets in Warzone since many of your fights will involve taking on multiple opponents at once. Having to reload in the midst of an intense firefight is definitely not what you want, so adding the 50 Rnd high capacity magazines is going to go a long way toward increasing your gunfight win percentage. The downside to the 50 round magazine is that it will slightly increase your aim down sight speed, but it's worth it to have the extra firepower.


Field Agent Grip

While this gun comes with pretty low recoil to start with, eliminating the remaining recoil is still going to be best since you are going to want to keep your opponents at an arms distance. This weapon isn't going to outgun the Bullfrog or the MAC-10 up close, so investing in its mid-range potential is your best bet if you plan to use this weapon in Warzone.


Optic of your choice

Some people might enjoy using the iron sights on this gun, but for many people, the iron sights are going to block too much of your screen for comfort. Any of the standard red dot sights are going to work fantastically for this gun. Which one you use ultimately comes down to personal preference, I like the Kobra personally.


If you do like the optic on this gun, consider something like the Serpent Wrap or the Tiger Team Spotlight as possible alternatives, since both of those attachments provide useful benefits to this loadout.

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