All the challenges needed to unlock the LAPA SMG in Warzone Season 6

The LAPA SMG was added into Warzone as part of the Halloween Haunting event update on Tuesday. Unlocking the LAPA takes more leg work than most weapons in Warzone have, with players needing to complete 9 challenges, all in the new Ghosts of Verdansk mode, to unlock the gun. You can also unlock this gun via Cold War challenges, or by purchasing it in a COD store bundle for real money.



Here are all the challenges you need to complete to unlock this new weapon!


LAPA Warzone Challenges in Ghosts of Verdansk

  1. Wake the dead - Play five matches of The Ghosts of Verdansk mode
  2. Over my dead body - Earn a top ten placement in The Ghosts of Verdansk three times
  3. Good exorcise - Eliminate ten enemy ghosts
  4. Life or death - Eliminate ten enemy humans while playing as a human 
  5. Scared to death - Eliminated five enemy humans while playing as a ghost
  6. Boo - While playing as a ghost, redeploy as your Operator by claiming human souls
  7. Evil has no power here - Utilize three Blue Sacred Ground areas to manage your fear 
  8. Are you there? - Answer three phones in Ghosts of Verdansk
  9. What are you afraid of? - Experience three hallucinations while your Fear meter is filled


LAPA Cold War Challenges


  1. Happy haunting - Complete five matches in multiplayer or Zombies event playlists
  2. Death toll - Achieve two-hundred kills on the Nuketown Halloween playlist, or smash pumpkin heads in Zombies
  3. You'll never get out alive - Finish top three in Scream Deathmatch or exfil from the Hallows Eve Outbreak mode
  4. Stay back! - Achieve thirty multiplayer kills in infected or eliminated special or elite enemies in Zombies
  5. Butchers Bill - Achieve ten melee weapon kills or earn butcher medals in Zombies by achieving five rapid melee kills on the undead
  6. Trick or Treat - Open five "scare packages"
  7. Do you believe in Ghosts - Achieve fifty eliminations using the Ghost Perk in multiplayer or kill cloaked enemies in Zombies 
  8. Living Nightmare - Achieve three multiplayer kills without dying three times or earn Carnage medals in Zombies by getting ten rapid kills
  9. Get five multiplayer kills using fire or earn a fire damage multi-kill medal in Zombies


To clarify, you only need to complete either the Warzone or the Coldwar challenges to unlock the weapon, not both sets of challenges.


For those who don't want to complete the series' of challenges, you can also unlock the LAPA by purchasing a Halloween blueprint in the Terrible End bundle.


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