Kirby fans argue that he is worthy of holding Sora's keyblade in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Source: Sakurai


Kirby is the most powerful being on the planet so what gives — why is he not able to wield the keyblade? 


Sora is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later today. But fans are already in deep discussion over what happens when Kirby absorbs Sora and gets his power. While Kirby gets Sora's signature hair (another anime hair ability, yay), he doesn't hold the keyblade itself while using its powers. 


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community immediately started discussing the possibilities after seeing Kirby post-Sora absorption. Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series speculated that only a chosen keyblade wielder can possess the weapon, something that's stated in the game's lore. 


Now, Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Super Smash Bros., has confirmed it's true. In a tweet earlier this week, Sakurai tweeted photos of Kirby and Sora side by side, explaining that only a chosen keyblade wielder can wield the blade. 



Kirby fans all over the world feel that the pink ball is most definitely powerful enough to hold the keyblade. He has used a baseball bat to hit planets billions of lightyears away after all. A keyblade in his possession would be the deadliest thing to ever happen to the gaming universe. 


But lore is lore. 


To hold a keyblade himself, Kirby would have to become worthy of holding a keyblade without absorbing Sora first. How? Sora is said to be worthy due to his "strong heart." While Kirby is wholesome, it's never been stated that he has a strong heart anywhere in his lore. Of course, this is something Kirby could easily aspire to accomplish if he so chooses. 


Kirby fans have already stated their preferences on Reddit: "Honestly I think they should’ve given Kirby not just an actual keyblade, but a really powerful one from the games like the Ultima Weapon or something. Kirby can be a chosen keyblade warrior too as a treat." 


Others said that Kirby may have purposely chosen a sparky keyblade for something with a bit more "pizazz." Because, let's be honest, if any video game character is worthy of wielding a keyblade, it's Kirby. If he isn't wielding one, the only reason is that he doesn't want to. Kirby has a strong heart. He just needs to be chosen. 


Said one fan: "Let's be real though, Kirby is absolutely worthy/strong enough to have a keyblade. I don't know much about KH, but I'm 98% sure Kirby could meet all the requirements... Well, except the legal requirements of course."

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