Best TFT comps for Patch 11.20 in Set 5.5 (Dawn of Heroes)

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Teamfight Tactics is beginning the semi-annual process of winding down one set in anticipation of the upcoming set. Set 6: Gadgets & Gizmos has already been announced, with its Hextech theme and the change to Riot’s balancing approach. With only a month remaining in Set 5.5 and Set 6 set to hit the PBE next patch, it’s the beginning of the end for players looking to hit their goal rank for this set.


As a result, although there are small changes within the tier list, such as Jax and Vel’Koz rising slightly in priority, the comps on the tier list have largely not changed. Absent either big champion reworks or massive champion ratio buffs, it seems highly unlikely that any brand new comps will emerge and massively shake up the meta.


This means that just about all of the top comps in the tier list for patches 11.20 and 11.21, insofar as positioning and itemization go, have already been covered in previous installments of this series. Although there may be slight changes to positioning and itemization, the general principles for the comps listed should be the same as were previously discussed.


Best TFT comps for Patch 11.20

S Tier Teemo (Revenant Invoker) Fiddlesticks (Revenant Mystic)
A Tier Garen (Dawnbringer Invoker) Heimerdinger (Revenant Mystic)
Draven(Forgotten Ironclad) Akshan (Ranger Ironclad)
Jax (Ironclad Skirmisher) Teemo (Hellion Revenant)
B Tier
Riven (Ironclad Sentinel) Heimerdinger (Abomb Revenant)
Yasuo (Nightbringer Ironclad) Aphelios (Revenant Ranger)
Vel'koz (Redeemed Ironclad) Karma (Dawnbringer Invoker)
Akshan (Revenant) Kayle (Redeemed Knight)
Aatrox (Legionnaire Knight) Irelia (Knight Skirmisher)
Ziggs (Hellion Ironclad) Vayne (Forgotten Ranger)
Jax (Sentinel Skirmisher)  


Instead, the focus today will be on the recent changes to Radiant Items, namely, adding one brand new Radiant Item Shop. In the past, we have discussed the relative power of Radiant Items, but have not gone into a deep discussion about how they are best used. 


Radiant Items in Patch 11.20

Typically, the first Radiant Item Shop will appear for players when they are at Level 6 at Stage 3-9. By this point, players will have two or three completed items and should know the direction of their comp. They will either have begun finalizing their comp, preparing to roll for carries, or they will be preparing to transition from their starting comp into what will be their final composition. The initial Radiant Shop was perfectly positioned around this pivotal point, so players could select their Radiant Item for what their eventual comp would be.


In Patch 11.20, however, Teamfight Tactics has introduced a second Radiant Item shop, which will come at Stage 5-1. By this point, players will already have their endgame comp set and will likely have three items on their comp’s primary carry. As a result, the second Radiant Item is of no use to a player’s primary carry, but it is incredibly useful to either a secondary carry or tank. 


There is also the possibility that a player is going for an extremely late-game comp, such as an Akshan, Heimerdinger, or Teemo carry. In those circumstances, the second Radiant Item can be equipped to the carry. However, it is more likely than not than not that the player will have moved the needed items to their late game carry once they get a copy.


How to use the two Radiant Armories in TFT

In short, unlike the first Radiant Armory, players should not be waiting for the second to make a decision about which units or comps they will be going for. Instead, the second Radiant Armory, should serve as an opportunity to round out the comp, a final touch to the units one already has. Don’t pick a Radiant Item in the second armory based on those units you’re hoping to pick up. With the game so close to ending, it does no good to have an amazing Radiant Item sitting on the bench. Make sure you get a Radiant Item that your best units that have an open slot to equip it to. 


Ultimately, Set 5.5 has introduced a ton of flexibility to Teamfight Tactics and this latest (and likely last) major change to this set is no different. The second Radiant Item shop opens up many new avenues for endgame comps. However, for most players, given how late the shop is available, it’s probably going to serve more as a last chance to bolster a flagging comp or make a push for victory. Choose wisely when that final Radiant Item is up for grabs, assuming you’ve made it that far into the game.

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