Sakurai opens up about his future after Sora arrives in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community is impatiently awaiting Sora's arrival come October 18. The game's creator, Masahiro Sakurai, is also awaiting the inclusion of the final DLC fighter ever — but for an entirely different reason. 


In a recent update featured in Famitsu, Sakurai opened up about what he plans to do after Sora is in Smash and the game is complete. 


Sakurai has been heavily involved in the Smash DLC throughout Ultimate's existence, giving him very little free time. He was there for the development of each DLC, which starts with a proposal and results in multiple DLC being worked on at once, with Sakurai involved in every single step. 


With Sora coming in just a few days, Sakurai said he plans to help with PR, event management, and some in-game balancing. But after that, Sakurai is going to find himself with a lot more free time than ever before. So what will he do?


Sakurai reveals vacation ideas after last DLC fighter



According to Sakurai, he wants to spend some time driving around Japan. This may be hard, however, due to COVID restrictions and not wanting to leave behind Fukura, his cat. While Sakurai's dream of a cross-country road trip may not happen immediately, this is something that Sakurai may finally be able to do in the future now that Smash is finally complete. 


Of course, many in the Smash community believe that more DLC fighters are on the way, maybe even an entirely new fighter pass. While this is always a possibility, fans note that Sakurai may not be as involved with the process going forward, including no more Mr. Sakurai Presents videos for the fighters. 

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