DK kkOma: "I just want to find out who we’ll play as soon as possible and analyze them."

Source: LCK Korea


DWG KIA got through the group stage of the 2021 LoL World Championship undefeated. In six games, they won all six, defeating FunPlus Phoenix, Cloud9, and Rogue twice. After they finished their last group stage match, DWG KIA head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun joined Jeesun Park to talk about DWG KIA’s group stage.



Congratulations. You’ve concluded the group stage with a 6-0 record. How do you feel?


I feel good that we won all the games, but what I feel the best about is that we got to the knockout stage in 1st place.


It seems that DWG KIA players’ forms and conditions are getting better and better. How is it here?


Since we’ve been here before during the MSI, it was easy for us to adapt. As for the players’ conditions, it’s different every day, so we need to take care of them well.


Cloud9 had a good run today, beating FunPlus Phoenix and Rogue. While watching the matches in group A, how did you predict it would go?


Before the matches started today, and before they played, I didn’t think it would turn out this way. But since C9 kept winning, it turned out to be fun.


After finishing the group stage undefeated, what are you satisfied with the most? What did you gain from the group stage?


I’m happy the players’ performance got better and better as we played. And I’m extremely happy that the players and coaching staff did so well.


The knockout stage will start soon. Are there any teams that you’d like to meet?


Frankly, there isn’t any team in particular that I want. I just want to find out who we’ll play as soon as possible and analyze them so that we could prepare for the match.

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