ShowMaker is deathless after four games at Worlds 2021 and facing Doinb twice

Source: Lance Skundrich/Riot Games


As the only 4-0 team in the group stage of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, many statistics for the players on #1 League of Legends Champions Korea seed DWG KIA stand out as some of the best in the tournament. However, one statistic stands out among the rest.  


Through four games at Worlds 2021, DWG KIA mid laner Heo "ShowMaker" Su has not died a single time, despite facing off against his main competition for the title of best mid laner in the world, Fun Plus Phoenix's Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang, twice.


DWG now posesses a 2-0 record against FPX, and in addition to its pair of wins against China's League of Legends Professional League #2 seed, DWG KIA has also triumphed over the Rogue and Cloud9, the respective #3 seeds from the League of Legends European Championship and North America's League Championship Series.



As a result, DWG KIA has already locked in a top 2 spot in Group A of Worlds 2021 and became the first team at the event to qualify for the knockout stage. However, whether DWG KIA will be the 1st or 2nd seed from Group A will be determined following the other results of Group A.


In his stellar four games, ShowMaker has played Twisted Fate twice — once against Cloud9 and once against FunPlus Phoenix — to the tune of a 6/0/16 KDA. In DK's first meeting with FPX, ShowMaker had a monstrous 6/0/10 performance on LeBlanc against the likes of Doinb's Galio. DWG KIA then followed up its victory against FPX with another win against Rogue, which featured  an immaculate Ryze performance for ShowMaker to the tune of a 5/0/4 KDA.


There's still a chance that ShowMaker sees a grey screen or two in DWG KIA's last two matches of Group A, but should remain untouchable, he may challenge former T1 AD carry Bae "Bang" Jun-sik for the best K/DA at Worlds back in 2015.

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