Warzone's new kernel-level anti-cheat reportedly already leaked to cheat developers

Warzone's new kernel-level anti-cheat driver 'RICHOCHET' is coming to COD PC players in the next Pacific update, but according to a report from Modern Warzone, the driver is already in the hands of the malicious actors that it was designed to stop.


The report is based on screenshots that showed up on Twitter that appear to show background code from the new driver being posted and discussed in online forums. While these were initially just thought of as rumors, according to the report from MWZ, they have received proof from a source that the leak to cheat developers is legitimate, though the information in the leak may be somewhat outdated since RICHOCHET is still in development.



The alleged leak of the new software poses questions for the efficacy of the anti-cheat upon release. While security professionals have worked hard to deliver this system for Activision, it is quite possible that the driver will be compromised from the very first day of its release if cheaters have their hands on the backend and are already working to find workarounds for their devious cheats.


Some have posed the theory that says Activision intentionally leaks a dummy file as a red herring for cheaters to chase, though there is no evidence for this theory as of writing this article.


The full details for RICOCHET were announced this week, including that the anti-cheat driver will operate on a kernel-level of your PC. Activision made some big promises about how this system will be able to stem the tide of cheaters ruining Warzone. They also attempted to quell fears that the driver would access player's private files in their initial announcement, promising it will only run while your game is running and that it will only look at files directly related to Call of Duty.


Read our full report about RICHOCHET for complete details.

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