DK ShowMaker on /all chat: "There are too many people harassing me in /all chat, so it’ll make my experience on the EUW server a lot better."

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Day 3 of the 2021 LoL World Championship group stages came to its conclusion yesterday and in the sixth match of the day, DWG KIA defeated Cloud9 for their perfect 3-0 first half. DK are also the only undefeated LCK team, as T1 and Gen.G are 2-1, while Hanwha Life Esports. 


The mid laner for DWG KIA Heo “ShowMaker” Su joined Inven Global to share his thoughts on the team’s undefeated run so far, LCK vs. LPL, and how the upcoming change of the /all chat function disappearing in solo queue will affect his practice on the EUW server.


How does it feel to be the only LCK team to be undefeated in the tournament so far?


We’ve only played three matches in the tournament so far, so I hope that the other LCK teams can keep up their good work. As far as I know, it’s very rare for a team to go undefeated in groups; it’s an arduous journey, so only time will tell how things will play out.


Tell me what it was like to reunite with Nuguri as opponents on the Worlds stage. Do you feel you've camped his lane enough [laughter]?


Actually, in that match, the game was heavily in our favor before I could have a chance to roam top, because we won all the skirmishes against them.


Although it was only one game, how do you evaluate FPX as a team? Do you consider them to be stronger or weaker than expected?


I think they were pretty nervous, but the first victory we got against them was pretty easy. Now that they’ve had a taste of defeat, I know they’re going to prepare that much more, so I predict that our next match will be a lot harder. 


Now that you’ve played a team from every other major region, how has the LEC and LCS teams’ level of competition been compared to what you’ve expected from them in the tournament?


Other than the enemy Lucian getting fed in our game against Rogue, they weren’t really much of a threat.


Mid laners from the LPL and the LCK are all saying that they’re better than their counterparts in the other region. I’m curious what your thoughts are on the matter.


LCK players are definitely better. Pros get a good feel for how good their opponent is by playing them; based on my experience, I just think that the LCK mid laners are a lot better. 


Yuumi continues to be the champion that gets either permabanned/picked. Why is there such a high priority on Yuumi at Worlds this year?


The buffs that she got, especially the one on patch 11.18, were a game changer for her. Also, the marksman champions that can be used with Yuumi are somewhat restricted, but the marksman champions in the Worlds meta like Lucian and Miss Fortune go well with Yuumi.


In the next patch, Riot announced that they’re going to get rid of the ‘All Chat’ function in LoL. As a very well known victim of EUW solo queue [laughter], what are your thoughts on this change? Do you think that it’ll help you in your practice on the EUW server?


I think getting rid of all chat is a great idea. There are too many people harassing me in /all chat, so it’ll make my experience on the EUW server a lot better.


Can you give me some examples of how players in solo queue were bothering you?


There are too many to count; whenever an enemy ends up killing me, people start making fun of me in /all chat [laughter]. Everyone’s always trying to kill me in solo queue and… I’m trying my best to push through all the trolling.


DWG KIA only has a day to recover until the next set of matches on Friday. How does the team have to improve from its current state?


We’re not falling behind in the laning phase, so we’ll need to be smarter about how we deploy who in which part of the map during the mid game.

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