Players frustrated with Junkrat updates in Overwatch 2

Source: Blizzard


The Blizzard team is continuing to change the way DPS heroes work in Overwatch 2. 


Overwatch's long-awaited, highly criticized sequel was revealed to be 5v5 instead of six-player teams like in the first game. This means only one tank per team when the game launches. This was due to the critical role tanks often play in the current game, basically controlling the entire outcome of the match while simultaneously sporting a pretty mundane playstyle that many players don't enjoy. 


Having one tank will eliminate this dynamic (and most likely eliminate many pro tank players from the Overwatch League). But this new playstyle calls for a lot of hero balancing and it seems that Blizzard's first target is the big roster of DPS heroes. 


Bastion and Sombra will have big changes to their kits in Overwatch 2. The robot will lose his ability to heal but will have more mobility. He also has a hat now. Sombra's hacks will reveal players behind walls to the rest of the team but remove abilities for a shorter time period. The goal is to take away DPS' crowd control attacks and allow them to do more targeted damage. 


Now Junkrat is seeing some pretty big updates in Overwatch 2 and fans are mixed about the rework. 



Junkrat changes coming to Overwatch 2


Overwatch YouTuber Bro You Wack went over some of the changes in a recent YouTube video about Overwatch 2's DPS updates. The changes will see Junkrat played entirely differently from how he is now. 



The biggest change to Junkrat has to do with his Steel Trap. Instead of enemies being stuck in place if they walk over Junkrat's trap, they will be slowed down immensely. It's as if "you are dragging your leg," Bro You Wack explained. 


It's still unclear how fast enemies will move if they walk over Junkrat's Steel Trap. It's also not known what will happen to Junkrat's other abilities, including his Rip-Tire ultimate, and his main weapon, the Frag Launcher. 


But players are already concerned about Junkrat's current combo, where he places a Concussion Mine inside the Steel Trap to cause insane damage when a player is caught. This combo can even kill squishy heroes like Tracer. Many players saw this as Junkrat's main counterplay tool and were confused why developers would take away the purpose of the trap. 


Blizzard will have to reveal other changes to Junkrat for players to understand how this dynamic works for the Australian hero's current design. Not stopping enemies at all seems to weaken Junkrat's usual playstyle entirely. So it's possible that there are more changes coming to Junkrat that will make sense of this change to his Steel Trap. 

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