Ranking the Overwatch 2021 Halloween Skins from best to worst

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The Overwatch 2021 Halloween Terror event has arrived in Overwatch once again, in celebration of the spoopiest season of the year! The new event brought with it eight new Halloween skins for Overwatch's various heroes, some of which were definitely more inspired than others. We have put together our rankings for Inven's favorite 2021 Halloween skin! 


#1 Draugr (Reinhardt)

A Draugr is an old Norse ghost or spirit, traditionally reanimated from inside a burial mound. These barely living, undead beings have been perfectly captured in the Reinhardt Draugr skin, which features a skeletal version of Reinhardt, with no shoes and Old Norse-styled armor. His armor is scuffed as if it has been in battle, with a missing horn on his helm and arrows sticking into his shield, shoulders, and arms. Completing this top-tier look is a very cool ax that I for one am very excited to play with. This skin takes our top slot for the 2021 Halloween skin rankings.

#2 Vampire Hunter (Brigitte)

Brigitte's Vampire Hunter skin is one of the most conceptually strong skins in the new event. The skin features a vampire hunter outfit, complete with skeletal should and knee pads with green glowing eyes. Brigitte herself is presented as much older and more seasoned, with pale gaunt skin from years of hunting vampires in their crypts.


The biggest thing that is selling this look, beyond her dope 17th-century trench coat, is her weapons. She has a ghostly green lantern for her mace, and her shield features wood accents and a skull as the centerpiece. Of all of her weapon skins, the green lantern one is the best so far, which is why we gave her the #2 slot on our list.


#3 Clown (Roadhog)

While this epic skin is somewhat low-hanging fruit, I think the execution of Roadhog with a clown mask is excellent. I am totally buying his ridiculous clown tattoo on his belly to compliment his extremely creepy (and COVID safe) clown gas mask. The weathered colors used throughout the skin offer a very aged, creepy feel, while his hook and toe spike look like they will give you tetanus, so stay clear of this creepy clown.

#4 Coffin (Bastion)

The Coffin Bastion skin is pretty self-explanatory. It's Bastion, but with various coffin motifs. However, the execution on this skin carries that basic concept to unexpected heights.


His head is set up like a lantern, above his chest which is now the chained end of a coffin. He has two shoulder pads in the shape of coffins, and has inner and outer coffin textures scattered throughout his design, including a cast-iron minigun on his back. Completing this design is the skeletal hand and skeletal bird on his shoulder. Overall, this is a very thoughtful skin that will be fun to use.

#5 Satyr (Lucio)

This design feels a little bit on the basic side, but its solid concept carries it. Satyr's are Greek woodland gods who have the legs, horns, and ears of a goat, and otherwise human features. This satyr skin for Lucio is pretty decent, but it's nothing to write home about either. I think the coolest part of the new Lucio skin is his scarier-looking roller blades on his feet, which feature a much sharper look with little goat horns around the ankles. This skin is really cool, but it's not the best of the bunch in my opinion.


#6 Skeleton (Genji)

Skeleton Genji is a simple but well-executed design. In reality, this skin is just a black Genji armor suit with a spray-painted fluorescent yellow skeleton design scrawled across the armor. Its the type of thing you might run into at a Halloween rave. The head features a nice rounded skull design in lieu of his typical helmet, which is the biggest departure from a standard Genji skin. I think this is a pretty cool design, but I don't think it's exceptional.

#7 Vampire Bat (Echo)

The vampire bat Echo skin feels like a missed opportunity to me. On one hand, I think the wings are very cool looking and showed the potential and vision that this skin was shooting for. On the other hand, the rest of the skin feels too mechanical and disconnected from the organic bat concept. The headdress that is meant to imitate a bat's head doesn't immediately read like that to me, and the rest of the skin seems pretty mechanical for a "bat skin". They could have made a dark, organic, brooding version of Echo here, but they missed the mark instead.

#8 Einherjar (Zarya)

The Zarya Einherjar idea is really cool, but the execution is lacking. Einherjar, which translates to "army of one," are those who died in battle and are brought to Valhalla by Valkyries. According to myth, these people were resurrected to do daily eternal battle as part of the Wild Hunt, which was a traditional hunt carried out by the souls of the dead and lead by Odin.


Unfortunately, the actual skin here is pretty basic Norse garb and nothing more. They didn't go above and beyond with this Zarya skin, and overall it feels like a very basic reskin of the Zarya we already know. Considering the Reinhardt Draugr skin is absolutely brilliant, it feels like they should have done more with this one.

Those are our rankings for the new skins! What is your favorite skin from the new bunch? 

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