Apex Legends launches their spooky "Monsters Within" event

In the spirit of the season, Apex Legends launched its Halloween-inspired "Monsters Within" event on Tuesday.


The new event which will run through November 2nd features a brand new Arenas map called Encore and is bringing the Shadow Royale mode back to the game. During the event, players will be able to collect "ghoulish cosmetics" as well, by both completing challenges and spending money in the in-game store.


The new map Encore is set on Boreas, the home planet of Seer. The new map features a wide-open center tundra area, with limited power positions throughout the location that will be essential to secure according to Respawns post on the matter.



Shadow Royale is a party mode that Apex Legends introduced in past years. The mode sees players who are slain return to the battlefield in a Shadow-Form, where they can hunt (or help) their own squadmates with infinite lives until the conclusion of the game. Shadow Royale is a fan favorite for Halloween, so if you haven't tried it out yet, now is a good time!


Respawn showed off a number of new Halloween-inspired skins, including a werewolf skin for Revenant, a crimson vampiric outfit for Seer, a Zombie outfit for Loba, and a cyberpunk outfit for Caustic, among others. There are also plenty of banners, weapon skins and more available to unlock, earn, or purchase throughout the next few weeks.


Source: Respawn Entertainment


You can unlock the Halloween skins specifically via Monsters Within Packs, which cost 400 Apex Coins. The packs have guaranteed non-duplicate event items, including being able to unlock Halloween skins from past years. Check out EA's blog to learn more.




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