NICKMERCS doubts Call of Duty: Warzone will survive without ranked mode


Twitch streamer Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff is skeptical about Call of Duty: Warzone's future. 


Warzone is Call of Duty's war-based battle royale, released in March of 2020. Since then, the game has been popular but riddled with issues. Pro gamers, streamers, and casual gamers alike have expressed frustration with Warzone's lack of anti-cheat (leaving 50% of the games full of cheaters and hackers). 


But NICKMERCS thinks that another shortcoming will become Warzone's demise. In a recent YouTube video, NICKMERCS explained that Warzone won't survive without a ranked mode, something fans have been wanting for months. 


"If it wasn't for ranked mode, I don't think Apex would even be that crazy," NICKMERCS said. "That's why Apex got some traction. If [Warzone does] something like this, that's what will make the game stay." 



NICKMERCS explains why Warzone needs ranked mode


NICKMERCS decided to play Call of Duty: Warzone for the first time in a while in a recent stream. But while dropping into war-torn Verdansk, NICKMERCS just couldn't help but feel the game was still underwhelming for him. This time it seemed ranked mode was his main focus. 


NICKMERCS explained that the "blueprint is there" and Warzone "just has to follow it" but with their own twist. 


Call of Duty fans have been demanding a ranked system for a while now. Many feel that a ranked mode will allow for better matchmaking, allowing players of the same skill level to face each other. This would eliminate unbalanced games, which are unchallenging and boring for skilled players and frustrating for new players. Players who don't want to face try-hards and competitive opponents could opt to play casual matches. 


A ranked mode would also give players more goals to work up towards while playing. This was something NICKMERCS also noted, stating that players could be incentivized with skins. High-level players will feel more rewarded for pushing themselves and giving the game their best. 


But with Call of Duty: Vanguard just weeks away, it's very unlikely that Warzone fans will see an update that major to the battle royale. This is why so many players will change to Battlefield and other competitive battle royales, NICKMERCS theorized. 

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