[Guide] Giratina raid counters, best moves, and skillsets in Pokemon GO

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Giratina in its altered form is back in Pokemon GO raids. As a Ghost/Dragon-type Pokemon, Giratina is a great choice for the Ultra League and Master League. Unfortunately, Giratina’s stats prevent it from being a great PVE Pokemon. Its CP hits 3,379 at Lv. 40, and 3,820 at Lv. 50, and it can’t benefit from the same type attack bonus. If you plan to use it for PVPs, it’s a must-have Pokemon, but if you don’t, you might as well pass after just filling your Pokedex.


Best counters for Giratina Raids


The best counter for Giratina is Rayquaza, as Dragons are strong against Dragons. Besides Dragons, good counters are Fairy, Ice, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon. Salamence, Zacian, and Gengar are also great as well, but keep in mind that Giratina can also be strong against Ghosts and Dragons.




Fast Move

Charged Move



Dragon Tail




Dragon Tail





Play Rough



Shadow Claw

Shadow Ball


Best moves and skillsets for Giratina in Pokemon GO


One of the reasons Giratina is weaker than other Pokemon in PVEs is that it can’t benefit too much from the same type attack bonus. Giratina can learn Dragon Breath and Shadow Claw for its fast move, which are both great skills, but there aren’t many to choose from for its charged move. Usually, Shadow Claw is better for its fast move.


The charged moves Giratina can learn are Ancient Power (Rock), Shadow Sneak (Ghost), and Dragon Claw (Dragon). Among these, the only viable skill is Dragon Claw. The others aren’t worth learning — if you must, learning Shadow Sneak is okay, but it’s highly recommended that you learn Dragon Claw. Only in certain raids where you need Giratina’s same type attack bonus in Ghosts, you should attack with Shadow Claw and Shadow Sneak.



Giratina is still strong in Ultra and Master Leagues. It’s still weak when facing its counters, but it won’t disappear in an instant as Giratina is quite tanky.


How are your raids going? There’s not just enough time to catch’em all, so just keep going!

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