Mlxg is suing Royal Never Give Up's agent company for unpaid salary

Source: Riot Games


Streamer and former professional player Liu "Mlxg" Shi-Yu is suing the agent company of his organization Royal Never Give Up. Mlxg claims to have not been paid his streaming salary or the down payment on his streaming contract, and that he filed the lawsuit last month.


Mlxg made the lawsuit public via his profile on popular Chinese social media platform Weibo, and Reddit user u/9de03ac5d92c272b7f75 translated the post into English. The translation reads as follows: 



My agent company hasn't paid my streaming contract's down payment and streaming salary. In this two years, I considered that the agent company and RNG are the same body, I have been trying to calm/restrain myself and communicate with them for two years. But countless promises and broken promises have used up all my trust and patience. Now I have 0 trust to the company's management. Lengthy and fruitless communication has impacted my life and my status. So I decided to sue to protect my legal right. I have filed a lawsuit in September against "Shangrao Tiantong culture and communication ltd" in Shangrao city court. It is awaiting processing. I will keep everyone updated.



Mlxg spent nearly four years as Royal Never Give Up's starting jungler in the League of Legends Professional League before taking a break from competitive play in February 2019. By June 2019, Mlxg had made up his mind and retired to become a streamer under RNG.


Based on the tone of his post, it seems as though his issues with Shangrao Tiantong culture and communication ltd have eroded any previous trust established between him and his longtime org. Royal Never Give Up nor Shangrao Tiantong culture and communication ltd have not issued any statements regarding the matter or Mlxg's contract and salary at this point in time.


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