Amouranth banned from Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram

Source: Amouranth

Internet influencer and streamer Amouranth has been banned from Twitch for a fifth time in two years on Friday. She was also banned from Tiktok and her main account on Instagram, with the streamer Tweeting out "Banned everywhere." 



Amouranth has been a controversial figure on Twitch due to the sexually suggestive nature of some of her content. She was banned earlier this year, along with Indiefoxx, after she spearheaded the "ASMR meta" on Twitch, whereby streamers would engage in borderline sexually inappropriate content like licking microphones and striking sexually suggestive poses on stream.


Sexually suggestive content is technically banned in the Twitch terms of service, though streamers like Amouranth have continued to push the limits on what they are allowed to do with some success, including the creation of a whole new category for hot tubs, pools, and beaches earlier this year. However, the more suggestive streamers do occasionally face a ban when they go too far. Up until this point, none of Amouranths bans have spanned more than several days in length.


The reason for the current ban is unknown, though she has continued her suggestive ASMR content in recent months, so it is possible that the latest bans are related to that content. She also produces NSFW content with her OnlyFans account, so some have speculated this ban could be related to that since the ban is happening across multiple platforms, though nothing is confirmed.


We have reached out to Amouranth for a comment and will update this article if we learn more.



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