Ceros reflects on DFM's historic Worlds 2021: "Aria is the best player in any minor region."


DetonatioN FocusMe have made history. For the first time in Worlds history, an League of Legends Japan League team has qualified for the main event group stage. Few people would be better to talk to on such a momentous occasion as Kyohei "Ceros" Yoshida. Though DFM’s longtime mid laner hasn’t seen any playtime at Worlds this year, the veteran LJL player offered Inven Global excellent insight on this momentous event.



DFM isn't just the first LJL team in history to qualify for the main event of Worlds, but your team accomplished this by getting 1st place in its Play-in group. How are you feeling about your team's success right now?

Obviously, I'm happy, but at the same time, I'm not at all surprised, really. I knew the team had the potential to perform well enough to reach the group stage. The key was to get the best performance in full out of each player because we haven't been able to show our true form in a real game the way we have in practice. That was the biggest challenge.



You've been part of DFM for a very long time. While you have yet to start at Worlds 2021, what does this accomplishment by the team mean to you personally?


Honestly, I'm really not sure what this means to me personally, but from a regional perspective, this achievement is a really big win for Japan as a whole. This can potentially boost the popularity of the region and the morale of the players. I expect a lot of that.



While you haven't started for DFM full time this year, what do you think you bring to the team in your current role on the roster?


The tasks I have within the team most resemble that of a third coach, with our first coach being Kazuta "Kazu" Suzuki and our second coach being our Head Coach Yang "Yang" Gwang-pyo. I'm like the third coach, but I try to speak more for the players' view. Also, I research our opponents a lot and give a lot of advice to each player on our team based on my personal experience as a player.



Because of your wealth of experience, are there certain pearls of wisdom you can impart to a young player like Aria?


It's hard to point out the particulars, but the biggest thing I can think of is that even though Aria is a very mechanically talented player with a high rank in solo queue, there is a big difference between solo queue and team play as a professional player. The biggest part of my focus was to make sure his mindset shifted from a solo queue style to professional teamplay. That was what I gave the most advice on to Aria.



Due to your guidance, does DFM play with Aria in a style that is similar to how they play with you? Or does he change the style of the team?


Aria has grown a lot. People tend to think he's a more mechanical player with heightened physical abilities, but he makes really important calls in our matches. He can potentially grow into a player like ShowMaker or Doinb where he owns the mid lane and then gives directions to his team.



Do you think Aria is the best minor region player at Worlds 2021, and if not, what would he need to improve on to become worthy of that title?


Actually, the answer is undoubtedly yes. Aria is the best player in any minor region.



My last question is about your future: What is the plan? Will you try and start on a team somewhere? Will you remain in your unique 'third coach' role in DFM, and will that lead to a career in coaching?


Half of it is that I haven't thought about it too much, and the other half is that I can't say too much. Honestly, I don't know. For at least another month, I am trying not to think about it.



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Live translation by: Shu Yeo


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