[Guide] Best loadout for the Grav Assault rifle in Warzone Season 6

Warzone Season 6 is here, and along with it came the all-new Grav assault rifle for Coldwar and Warzone. This new rifle features a high fire rate, solid bullet velocity for ranged combat, and average levels of recoil that aren't too hard to control. Overall, it feels pretty average power level on first impressions, but only time will tell if this gun is meta.


We put together the best loadout for the Grav in Warzone Season 6, so you can get out there and slay with this new weapon.


Best attachments for the Grav AR in Warzone Season 6

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 21.3" Task Force Barrel
  • Field Agent Grip
  • 50 Rnd Magazine
  • 3x Axial Arms Optic

Agency Suppressor

The value of suppressors has not diminished whatsoever in Warzone Season 6.  You will want to run the Agency Suppressor on the Grav, in order to reduce your overall profile and discoverability, as well as add a little extra recoil control to this gun.


21.3" Task Force

The Task Force Barrel is, as usual, the top choice for this rifle. Task Force Barrels are very powerful on Cold War weapons because they add extra damage, extra damage range, and extra bullet velocity. It's hard to argue with those stat buffs for a game like Warzone, where so many of your confrontations are going to be at a longer range. Since the Grav is best in medium and long-range distances, the Task Force Barrel is particularly important on this gun.


Field Agent Grip

The Field Agent Grip adds both vertical and horizontal recoil control to the Grav. While the recoil isn't insane on this gun, the recoil reduction that this grip adds is a nice quality of life improvement that also helps extend the range of this gun to compete with guns like the C58 , XM4, or the AK-47. 


50 Rnd Magazine

The 50 Rnd magazine is a no-brainer for this gun. In Warzone, many of your fights will involve taking on multiple opponents, so having extra bullets in the magazine is always good news. The standard 35 round magazine that this gun comes with isn't bad, but it's hard to argue with an extra 15 bullets being available before every reload.


3x Axial Arms Optic

The 3x Axial Arms Optic is a great choice for this gun, due to its clean sights and ideal zoom distance. the 4x feels like too much zoom for the target range of the Grav, while the 2x don't feel quite zoomed in enough. As always, use whatever optic you like best, but for me and the vast majority of Warzone players, the 3x Axial Arms optic is our scope of choice.


How to unlock the Grav Assault Rifle in Warzone

You can unlock the Grav AR for free by reaching Season 6 battlepass level 31, or by buying a blueprint featuring the weapon.

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