[Guide] Best FFAR 1 loadout in Warzone Season 6

While it isn't quite the solo powerhouse that it was in Warzone Season 2 and 3, the FFAR remains a very viable pick in Warzone Season 6. For those who are looking to drop into Verdansk with this familiar weapon, your attachment setup is absolutely essential if you want to find success in Warzone's increasingly competitive lobbies. 


Here is the best attachment loadout for the FFAR 1 in Warzone Season 6.


Overview to the FFAR 1 in Warzone Season 6

The FFAR has a time to kill of around 600 MS up close. With a fire rate of 900, it has one of the highest fire rates in the game, but since it deals only 25 damage to the body, you will need to land a full 10 shots to the body to bring home the kill. At long range, it is going to take 11 shots to kill for about a 650 MS ttk.


The biggest struggle with the FFAR  1 has always been controlling its recoil, so the gun build we recommend is designed to both boost this guns damage and range, as well as bring its recoil under control.

Best attachments for FFAR 1 in Warzone Season 6

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 19.5" Task Force barrel
  • Raider Stock
  • Field Agent Grip
  • STANAG 50 Rnd magazine


Agency Suppressor

The Agency Suppressor remains a powerful tool for the FFAR, helping you remain off the radar while also reducing the overall recoil of your weapon. The Agency Suppressor is not quite as powerful as it was in the past, but it remains the best muzzle option for the FFAR 1 in Warzone Season 6. And given the continued dominance of the Warzone stealth meta, the power of this attachment is unlikely to change anytime soon.


19.5" Task Force barrel

The recently buffed Task Force barrel will give you +50% damage-at-range, giving you back the range damage that was lost in the recent nerf, and will buff your bullet velocity by 50%. Be aware, however, that this attachment is best if you intend to use this weapon primarily for shorter-range conflicts since it will increase your vertical and horizontal recoil. If you want to use this gun at longer ranges, I would consider one of the other heavy barrels instead.


Raider Stock

The Raider Stock is a great attachment for the FFAR 1 in Warzone Season 6. This stock increases your sprint to fire time by 30% and increases your aim walking movement speed by 40%, all at the cost of -30% hip-fire accuracy. You should probably not be hip-firing your FFAR 1 anyway, so the benefits of the Radier Stock are essentially free, depending on your playstyle.


Field Agent Grip

The Field Agent Grip remains the best grip for the FFAR 1 in Warzone Season 6. This attachment gives you back some of the recoil that is added by the Task Force barrel. In exchange, you lose 26% shooting move speed, but that won't have a large effect on this weapon's performance.


STANAG 50 Rnd magazine

An extended magazine is always a good idea in Warzone, where you never know when you will have to face multiple enemies in a single encounter. The 50 Rnd magazine is a great addition to the FFAR 1 in Warzone Season 6.

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