MVP Head Coach Jae-hwan Kwon: "If we use our psychological vantage point, I believe we can beat KT"

On April 7th KST, MVP emerged victorious against Afreeca Freecs 2-0 in the 2017 LCK Spring Playoffs Wildcard Match, held at Sangam Nexon Arena. Head Coach Jae-hwan “Hell” Kwon worked on the team’s weaknesses while banking on the strengths to achieve today’s sweep. Head Coach Kwon beamed with confidence that MVP has what it takes to defeat KT Rolster in the next round.

Below is the post-match press interview with Head Coach Kwon.



How do you feel like about the today’s victory and also tell us about the mindset going into the next round against KT Rolster.

Since our recent momentum took a bit of a hit while Afreeca was on the upswing, many people predicted a landslide win for Afreeca. In hindsight, it feels good to get a clean victory, and I’ll do my best to prepare for the next match.

What was the thought process behind the Jarvan IV pick?

Jarvan IV was one of our cards that we prepared for this match. We were able to bring him to play because we’ve extensively experimented and worked with him. We didn’t get to use him in the regular season because we weren't completely ready yet. This match was the right time and the right place to showcase him.

Many people predicted that MVP will fall short in the lane phase against Afreeca. How did you prepare in this regard?

Lane phase isn’t a one-dimensional issue. Looking at scrims and matches, I believe we sometimes have to cut our losses for the greater good of macro games. We brought a somewhat different team coordination, which helped compensate our weaknesses in lanes.

Varus has been one of the team’s favorite champions. How would the team rate him?

Varus is one of the best ADC champions for the bottom lane. He’s good for follow-ups and a generally well-rounded pick to complement any comps.

Who would you like to give your personal MVP for this match?

Playing new champions is always stressful, especially for both games in a series. I’d like to give my MVP to ADD, who managed to shine despite such pressure.

You’ll be facing KT Rolster in the next round. I’m sure KT wants a revenge for their two losses in the regular season. Any thoughts?

I have confidence in the KT matchup because we’ve beaten them twice in the regular season. I respect KT, but I think we can shake them up drawing from our experience of victories over them. If we use our psychological vantage point, I believe we can win.

Why did you prefer the red side even though you had the priority choice?

It’s true that the blue side has a much higher win rate, but I considered the numbers to be inflated due to teams still adjusting in the early season. I preferred the red side because having the last pick can throw off the opponent’s strategy.

Anything else you’d like to say?

We still have many more hurdles to overcome. I believe we'll do well in the next round since we got started on the right foot. I know that Afreeca players worked very hard and like to celebrate their effort.

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