Apex players win longest match in history due to DDoS attack

Source: Respawn Entertainment

As first reported by Apex Youtuber kauzey, Three high-level Apex Legends players completed the longest match in history this week, stretching just short of an hour, after their match server was DDOSed throughout the entire length of the game. They now hold the record for longest game ever recorded, though considering they got it due to rampant DDoS attacks on the servers, it's not necessarily a proud accomplishment for these players.


The players CLT Greek, C9 PVPX,0 and C9 knoqd loaded into a server on Monday and almost immediately started experiencing the tell-tale latency and PING spikes that come with a server being DDoSed. The spikes lasted throughout the whole game, with the players essentially playing in slow motion for nearly an hour before successfully taking the victory. The match ended up running about 56 minutes in total, a time that is usually impossible based on the circle closing.


While lower-level players would likely just use a grenade to kill themselves and just take the RP loss to reset their server experience, these players are high enough on the leaderboard that an RP loss like that was not worth it. Plus, with these attacks so rampant at a high level, there is no guarantee that leaving for another server would even be better.


A Distributed Denial of Service attack, or DDoSING, occurs when a malicious actor intentionally targets a network with a large amount of traffic in an attempt to overwhelm it and take it down. DDoSing has long been an issue in gaming, with malicious players seeking to harass and ruin the gaming experience of other players by taking down the game server itself.


DDoS attacks have been a massive growing issue in Apex Legends at the highest level of matches, with numerous high-level players reporting DDoS issues in Predator and Master servers. The DDoS attackers also seem to be targeting streamers specifically with their attacks, at least that is the case according to TSMFTX ImperialHal who tweeted about the issue on Monday.



The issue has gotten bad enough that it is affecting the integrity of the new split of the Apex Legends Season 10 leaderboard, since so many top players are taking unnecessary penalties to their RP by either killing themselves or getting booted over the server issues. And while Apex Legends claims to have loss forgiveness for situations like this, many players who have been booted have been taking the full loss penalty and abandon match penalty anyway.


DDoSing is not the only issue affecting Apex Players. Server instability, even outside the attacks, hasn't been great since the 10.1 patch in September that seemingly broke the game for weeks. Players have been calling on Respawn to do more to protect the integrity of the Apex competitive mode, but for now the game continues to experience major disruptions to the player experience.

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