YouTuber Sappho "comes out" as a zoophile, sparking outrage towards the furry community

Source: Hypnotist Sappho


The internet has been uncomfortably discussing a growing sect of furries that are "coming out" as zoophiles — and the sitution is about to boil over thanks to a video that's starting to gain traction titled "Coming Out About Things" by Hypnotist Sappho. 


Most of Hypnotist Sappho's videos up until this point had featured Sappho teaching hypnotism techniques to other furries, all of which would be in their fursuits during the sessions, which took place within VRChat. Sappho, whose real name is Valerie, claims to study Neo-Ericksonian hypnosis. While strange to some people, the videos were harmless enough. 



But rumors were starting to spread about Sappho (most likely due to some very questionable podcasts and YouTube channels she had favorited) that Sappho was a zoophile. A zoophile is someone who identifies as a person is sexually and romantically attracted to animals instead of people. It's also known as beastiality. 


Well, it seems those rumors were true. Earlier in September, Sappho posted a YouTube video where she "came out" as a zoophile. 


"I do not have a thing for humans. I am more attracted to dogs, like German Shepherds," Sappho explained. 


She went on to discuss how misunderstood zoophilia is thanks to some very sinister leaks within the furry community that include puppies, dead animals, and gore. These are acts that Sappho called "atrocities that should have been prosecuted."


This situation, known as the Zoosadist files, has made people even more weary of furries. While some furries are zoophiles, most are not. But in Sappho's case, she is exactly what the internet fears to be true about members of the furry community. For people like Sappho, furries are more than fursonas. 


While Sappho spent a lot of time in the video denying similarities to the Zoosadist situation, her feelings towards animals have not been any more acceptable for many people. 


Said Sappho: "I would see my partner or mate as an equal to myself. Everything would be out of love, care, and affection for their wellness and wellbeing. It would not be to serve myself and my desires." 



Internet disgusted by furry zoophilia after Sappho comes out


While the act of romanticizing or sexualizing a dog is already disturbing to most people, Sappho's attempt to relate to the LGBTQ community had the internet even more enraged. This seemed like a way to lessen the seriousness of what Sappho was doing while also insulting the LGBTQ community, which already has to deal with pedophiles and MAPS trying to gain acceptance by comparing themselves to them. 


This harmful view was the most-discussed portion of Sappho's video with many people telling her to never compare her animal abuse and misdeeds to the LGTBQ community, which relies heavily on consent — something animals can't give you. 


"Coming out with anything can be very difficult," Sappho said, "espeically if it's something that society currently views with disgust or is a bit dangerous to even come out with, with the way that things are right now. It's a lot like when homosexuals were coming out in the 1960s... And I know that 99% of my viewers, my community, you don't have anything wrong with homosexuals or gay people. You support them, you support LGBT... But I guarantee that if many of you were growing up in the 1960s...  A lot of you would probably be anti-gay, anti-LGBT." 


Sappho also claimed a lot of the hate was due to people wanting a "gotcha" moment and trying to build some type of "fame" or "popularity" by calling Sappho out for being a zoophile. Sappho even recently made a video calling out her "haters" and saying she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. 


"I look forward to continuing to piss off the antis and promote more acceptance and tolerance of ZETA," Sappho said in a pinned comment, where she also asked for donations. 



Zoophilia a big problem in furry community


What was even more concerning about Sappho's video, however, was that it was inspired by other furries coming out as zoophiles. In the initial video, Sappho even credited the "Zooier Than Thou" podcast with her decision to "come out" as a zoophile. In one episode of Zooier Than Thou, the furry hosts discuss coming to terms with their "identity" as a zoophile. One even claimed they "came out" to their mother, who is a veterinarian. 


In Season 3 Episode 6, the hosts claim that coming out as a zoophile was "radical" before. But allegedly, the reaction to zoophiles has "changed." 


"Hopefully hearing our stories has helped others also come out," the podcasters said. 



One host explained that their mom still loves them even though they don't understand or want to be a part of it. 


"I also had to eventually come out to my dad," they said with soothing jazz playing in the background. "When I first was a furry, my dad asked me if I wanted to fuck our cats. Of course I didn't. I was so mad. Of course I didn't. But I also had been sleeping with the dog..." 


Inspired by this podcast, Sappho had a practicing zoophile on her "coming out" video. The two discussed "consent" with their animal partners and how people outside the zoophilia world don't seem to understand how zoophile relationships actually work. Apparently, zoophiles will only have sex with "mature" animals and not puppies. 



"Consent is the biggest problem. But they are comparing apples to oranges by comparing a sexually mature animal to a human toddler," Sappho said. "I think that's bad faith." 


The practicing zoophile, who has a German Shepherd partner, said: "If they want something more in that moment, why would I deny them that need? I want to care for their wellbeing and help them feel good. At the same time, if the animal is uncomfortable or walks away, that's a no. That means they don't consent." 


The zoophile's current partner is apparently not sexually mature yet so they don't do anything sexual. Instead, they often play outside together. 


"I take pleasure in watching her enjoy herself, even if it's with another person or another dog. I'm fortunate that I live in an area where I can give her what I imagine to be the best possible life for her," he said.  "The majority of the [with a partner] time isn't sexual. It's just doing couple things." 


But even this would be considered "grooming" if the puppy was a child. So this still is concerning on multiple levels. 


Sappho explained that each zoophile has an "individual adventure" with their animal partner since there is nobody really telling them "right or wrong." It's not something that's widely discussed and the guidelines can sometimes be unclear. For that reason, it's allegedly up to the zoophile and their animal partner to decide what feels right for them specifically. 


"I'm still learning a lot," Sappho said. 

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