Warzone streamer Rallied under fire for disturbing racist tirade and verbal abuse

Trigger warning: Racism & Abuse

Warzone Streamer and former Optic Gaming personality Rallied is under fire this week after multiple posts were made online on Wednesday accusing him of both domestic abuse and of engaging in disturbing racist commentary on multiple occasions. The streamer released a video on Friday, in which he confirmed that all the accusations are true and apologized for his racist comments and harassment/abuse.


Rallied accused of abuse and harassment of former girlfriends

The allegations online against Rallied started on Wednesday, when Twitch streamer Isla posted a Tweet accusing Rallied of harassing her for a year while they were in a relationship. She also accused him of threatening her father at his place of work.


She said in a Tweet, "i didn’t want to have to do this, after a year of being harassed n staying silent, knowing full well the trauma i was put thru from you i’m not going to let this one slide. involving my dad threatening n harassing him while at WORK??? enough. not okay."


She then posted screenshots showing Rallied allegedly insulting her, including calling her a child that he is raising and calling himself unlucky for being in a relationship with her. 



Then on Friday, she posted more screenshots, this time showing a message string from her father in which he says that Rallied is threatening him and his family, and that "Rallied scares me so much." Those threats were apparently related to a video that Rallied did not want leaked.

Other Twitter users also came forward talking about Rallied's abuse of them while they were in a relationship. Letty claimed that Rallied called her a bitch and a crack head, saying "glad you are saying something about this because men like this are disgusting."


Another user called Kiran claimed that Rallied repeatedly called her fat and spread "racist lies about me smelling like curry, while saying 'this is why I like white girls.'

Twitch streamer azalia also posted screenshots, in which Rallied allegedly engaged in a disrespectful conversation where he demeaned women based on their sexual performance, saying "A guy will almost never end up wiring a girl that he has like rough *** Sex with, because your degrading yourself."


All of these accusations of sexism and verbal abuse toward women come only a few days after Rallied publicly condemned women for standing up to people who abuse them, telling them just to block abusers instead of responding to abuse. He then complained that cancel culture is toxic, in response to the ongoing demands that sexism end in the COD: Warzone scene.



Rallied accused of making racist, anti-black comments

In addition to Kiran's aforementioned accusation that Rallied made racist comments about her, another disturbing video was posted that appears to show Rallied going on a highly offensive tirade against black people.


A voice that Rallied has confirmed is his says: "Kill those f*&king black people, monkeys. Just look at that big orangutang *unintelligible*"



This video, in addition to the other harassment, has prompted widespread condemnation from the Warzone community. FaZe Swagg replied to this video with "@rallied ???????".


Rallied responds to the accusations of abuse and racism

Rallied posted a video on Friday, responding to the situation.



"I am not sure the context on the [racist video], I don't recall the events taking place, but it's my voice. . . I just want to truly apologize for ever saying anything like this, or this even coming out of my mind," Rallied said in regards to the racist video. "To hear my old self talk like this really breaks my heart. I am deeply, deeply sorry for anyone I have offended. . . it is not what I stand for, not what I represent."


In regards to the accusations of sexist and emotional abuse, he claimed that he already privately handled all this and complained that the women would post their experiences with him publicly. 


"I am sorry we got tied up in these toxic relationships, Isla especially," He said. "We split 10 months ago, I thought we mutually agreed and were both kind of happy that we got out of this toxic cycle we were in for 6 months. I apologized so many times to you, and you apologized to me about all these horrible things we did to each other verbally . . . I thought we were past this."


Reckles claimed he doesn't stand for any of the things that he said in either the abusive text messages or the racist video. 


"I am extremely sorry I have said this horrible, horrible sh*t in the past," he concluded, through tears.

Ral also apologized on Twitter and announced that he will be taking a long break after the accusations surfaced.

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