Best TFT comps for Patch 11.19 in Set 5.5 (Dawn of Heroes)

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Most Teamfight Tactics players were wowed by the recent reveal of the upcoming TFT Set 6, but there were still changes made in the current Set. The champion changes themselves were quite small, as Patch 11.19 was highlighted by big system changes (like thankfully reducing the instances of getting Reforgers from the Radiant Blessings).  


Having said that, there were some pretty massive changes. Tristana was semi-reworked, allowing her to jump away from danger (no longer hopping right into enemies) and getting passive attack speed. Draven got a big buff which negated the need to build Last Whisper (or at least does not make it mandatory). Heimerdinger also got a buff/nerf, with his mana costs getting a slight buff in exchange for losing a bit of damage. All of these changes result in the meta remaining largely the same, absent a few small shifts.


Best TFT comps in Patch 11.19

S Tier Teemo (Revenant Invoker)  
A Tier Fiddlesticks (Revenant Mystic) Heimerdinger (Revenant Mystic)
Draven(Forgotten Ironclad) Akshan (Ranger Ironclad)
Jax (Ironclad Skirmisher)  
B Tier
Garen (Dawnbringer Invoker) Riven (Ironclad Sentinel)
Yasuo (Nightbringer Ironclad) Aphelios (Revenant Ranger)
Vel'koz (Redeemed Ironclad) Karma (Dawnbringer Invoker)
Heimerdinger (Abomb Revenant) Kayle (Redeemed Knight)
Akshan (Revenant) Irelia (Knight Skirmisher)
Ziggs (Hellion Ironclad) Vayne (Forgotten Ranger)
Jax (Sentinel Skirmisher) Aatrox (Legionnaire Knight)


These tier lists have already broken down the positioning and itemization of all of the top-tier comps throughout Set 5.5, so today the focus will be on some slow and hyper roll comps that have begun to creep to the top of the meta, as well as some unorthodox niche comps.


Akshan (Revenant)

Although Akshan does fantastically well as the main DPS threat for a 6 Sentinel comp, he’s strong enough that just sticking him behind a frontline of Revenants is actually a slightly better option. One flex that can be made (and honestly should) is swapping Teemo for Rell if you don’t have enough health to get a 2-star Teemo. If you do, though, it’s worth taking those items off Aphelios and sticking them on Teemo.


As far as that itemization goes, Akshan, Aphelios, and Teemo can all take any AD or attack speed items. Teemo can also carry AP items, but Fiddlesticks will do fine with AP items like Morellonomicon, Gunblade, or Ionic Spark. In the early stages, keeping these AD/AS items on a Vayne or Kalista is probably the ideal strategy, as you can simply keep them and pivot to one of their ideal comps should you manage to hit 3-stars early.


Garen (Dawnbringer/Invoker)

This comp is normally built around Karma, but in this instance (and in just about every Dawnbringer comp), you want to focus everything on Garen. He is one of the strongest frontline champions who still does an absurd amount of damage. In the case where you’re stuck with a lot of bad (read, defensive) Mythics to chose from, grabbing one to slap onto Garen is a fine choice.


While the Warmogs/Sunfire/Gargoyles combo is his best, items like Dragon’s Claw, Redemption, Bramble Vest, or Titan’s Resolve will all do. A Cavalier emblem will also be fantastic if you can get it for Garen. 


Otherwise, yes you want to put AP items onto Karma if you can. In the event you end up with a lot of AD or attack speed items, though, you can easily flex them over to Nidalee or Riven.


Ziggs (Hellion/Ironclad)

The key to this comp is Ziggs, but there are a lot of interesting ways to warp and shape this comp. Whether it’s doubling down with a Cavalier frontline (swap Syndra and Kennen for Hecarim/Sejuani and Kled) or maxing out on Knights (drop Syndra for Garen and add Thresh at level 9), the only true rules are that you should be trying to nail down Ziggs and Poppy 3-stars early. You could also simply drop Syndra and Vel’Koz for two more Hellions or something else. 


The other beauty, of course, is that if you don’t manage to nail 3-star Ziggs, items can just swap over to Teemo or Vel’Koz (or Heimerdinger if you want to just go for the Bill Gates comp). Just make sure that you get that Ironclad buff on this comp for some good defensive stats.


Aatrox (Legionnaire/Knight)

It’s taken almost the entirety of Set 5, but it seems players have finally managed to figure out the optimal comp for an Aatrox re-roll. Incredibly, it seems that pairing Aatrox with another Legionnaire in Kalista is actually the best route. For itemization on Aatrox, defensive items are the best route. Otherwise, stick those attack speed items onto Kalista, stack up Redeemed units to give Aatrox even more defensive stats.


In addition, pairing Aatrox and his friends with either Knights (Garen & Draconic) but Revenants (like the Volibear and Ivern shown) are an equally viable frontline. The entire goal of this comp is to keep that frontline up for as long as possible and let that Sunfire Cape burn the enemies down. 

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