Riot suspends VCT Game Changers player Slaze for "Bussing" a cheater

Sophia "Slaze" Ramirez who competed with the VCT Game Changers team Polaris has been suspended for three months from Riot Sanctioned competition after Riot determined that she boosted her placement by repeatedly queuing with a cheater. While Riot already suspended the player earlier this weeek, they only released their official competitive ruling on Wednesday.


"Slaze was found to have repeatedly queued together into Competitive with cheaters," Riot explained in the summary of their ruling. "In multiple instances, the cheater would be banned mid-game, log into a new account, and proceed to requeue with Slaze, even after she had received a notification of cheater detection. Slaze is banned from any association or affiliation with a team in a Riot-sanctioned competition for 3 months."


According to Riot, Slaze's account was flagged for Bussing, which is when a player intentionally ques with cheaters to climb rank. Riot claimed that on Sept. 20th, Slaze won 8 games with a cheater, after which the cheater was banned, logged into a new account, and then again requeued with Slaze. Her repeated queuing with 4 new accounts created by the cheater after the original ban netted her 77% of her competitive MMR gain, and that she participated in about 60% of her matches with the cheating player.


Not only was Slaze banned from the upcoming VCT Game Chagers Series 3 competition with Polaris, she was also give a 90-day ban from the game on her main account. 


For her part, Slaze has denied the allegations of boosting, saying in a Twitlonger that she has done nothing wrong and claimed that she was falsely suspended.


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